There’s Value in Brain Games! My Daughter’s Estimation Proves It!

As technology and artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent, it seems that people feel the need to use their brains less. Why use critical thinking when you can ask Alexa or Siri? Why compose an essay or your own original thoughts when ChatGPT can do it for you?

There’s something rewarding about using and exercising your brain, and clearly my daughter’s school knows this! Yesterday, they had a fun-filled evening of brain games for kindergartners up to fourth grade and encouraged parents and guardians to participate as well. I was so excited to see 24: one of the math games I loved playing as a child.

Quinn initially made a beeline for the estimation station where there were jars of different items, and the children were to guess how many were inside. Today, she found out that she was the winner with her guess on the amount of lollipops in a jar. When I asked how close she was with her estimation, she said, “I was exact!” I then followed up with how she came up with the number, and she told me, “I had a strategy,” which she proceeded to explain.

I told her how proud I was of her for using her brain and strategizing and how cool I think the event was, and she agreed.

Here’s to hoping the future generations will continue to embrace brain games, critical thinking and strategizing.

All the best,