Thankful for Precious Moments in Disguise: Turkey Day with My Little Girl!

My four year old smiled saying, “I want to disguise my turkey as Princess Poppy!” Last week, my daughter’s preschool teacher assigned a special Thanksgiving project to the class: disguise the turkey who fears being eaten for Thanksgiving.  The instructions encouraged family involvement, which was fine by me, especially since I love doing crafts. We discussed exactly how Quinn wanted her turkey to look, rounded up the supplies, most that we already had since I am a crafter, and got to work!

It brought back memories of before Quinn was in preschool and was home with her father and me. We would do fun projects all the time. Though we still do them now, it is not as frequent as it once was. When we finished the project, Quinn said, “Thank you so much for helping me, Mommy!” Our turkey looks just like Poppy! She was so excited to show Princess Poppy, the turkey, to her teacher and friends and even asked me to take her picture once all of the disguised turkeys were on display.

Since I teach college courses, the last couple of months in the semester get hectic, and it is difficult to carve out the extra time to just do a fun activity and enjoy each other’s company. Even knowing that this is my first blog entry for this month is a reminder that time gets away from us all, so it’s moments like this that are so precious to me.  I am grateful to have Quinn in my life and am glad for this memorable moment in disguise.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

All the best,



A Lesson from My Little Girl: Swimming in The Metaphorical “Deep End” of the Pool

“Did you see me, Mommy? Did you see me dip my head in the water?” my little girl excitedly inquired. “Yes, I did! I’m so proud of you, honey!” I exclaimed. My little girl went from panicking and crying when getting her hair washed about a half year ago to standing in a swimming pool without me by her side eager to learn and follow her teacher’s instructions.

Just about seven weeks ago, I enrolled my four year in swim lessons at Kids’ First Swim after she expressed an interest in to learning swim. I wasn’t sure how well she would do without me considering that she was very nervous when she was a little over a year taking lessons in the water with me. To my surprise, she did not cry and readily got into the water. She did inform me ahead of time, however, that she does not like getting water in her eyes and ears because of the “funny feeling” she gets, which is understandable.

Nevertheless, on level one, one of the skills was for Quinn to bob her head under water five times, so I knew this would be a major hurdle for her. In week one and two, she did everything but put her head under water; I could see the uncertainty in her eyes. Before going into the water during week three, she said, “Mommy, I know I have to put my head under water, and I’m trying really hard, but I’m just nervous.” I reassured her that it’s okay to be nervous and that the more she is in the water the more comfortable she will feel.

That day, I observed her through the one-way mirror as she slowly put her little chin in the water. After class, she asked if I saw her, and I smiled and told her I did, to which she responded, “You see, Mommy, it may take me some time, but I’m going to get there, you’ll see!” By the fifth class, she was making progress but still not quite getting her head under  water, so I sat her down and we talked about her possibly needing to take level one again.

I was impressed that she was not upset but  was just eager to try again so that she can continue to improve. I asked, “Are you enjoying learning how to swim?” Quinn smiled and said, “Yes.” I asked, “Are you having fun?” In an even louder and confident voice, Quinn said, “Yes, Mommy!” She then said, “As long as I try my best, that’s okay, right Mommy!?” I smiled and told her, “Absolutely!”

Last week, we started a new session on level one, and Quinn put her head all the way under the water for the first time and arose with this huge smile on her face demonstrating how proud she was of herself.

This is one of many experiences my daughter will have which will present a challenge, and I just love the way she’s handling it. I just hope I continue to handle it as well as she does with the many challenges  and hurdles that may take us both in the “deep end” of life.

All the best,


Abracadabra! Having Magical Autumn Fun Creating Abby Cadaby the Pumpkin!

Last year, it was Marshall from Paw Patrol, the year before it was Super Grover. This year when I asked my daughter how she wanted to decorate her pumpkin, without hesitation, she said, “Abby Cadaby!” She then excitedly went through the shopping list without taking a breath. “Mommy, we’re going to need pink paint, brushes, purple and pink yarn for her hair and google eyes just like Super Grover had when we made a pumpkin to look like him.” Just this past weekend we had such a fun time at Shadybrook Farm selecting our pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, and shortly after arriving home my four year old wanted to get started right away and bringing pumpkin Abby to life.

When Quinn was two, she needed quite a bit of assistance from me to make sure the paint got on the pumpkin instead of everywhere else. Two years later, she  sat beside her nana, who was decorating her own pumpkin, held the sponge brush steadily in her little hand and barely needed my help at all. My job was mainly to adhere the eye balls and yarn hair with the hot glue gun because we established that part was a job for an adult.

Since this pumpkin is probably double the size of the Super Grover one, I’m not too sure if we’ll do a full-size Abby, but I have a feeling that Quinn will be successful in persuading me to give Abby a body, outfit and even her magic wand, especially since we won the contest at my college for our Super Grover Pumpkin.

Selecting pumpkins together is a fun autumn activity, but decorating them together is a certainly a magical experience that I will always cherish and hope that my daughter does too.

All the best,


My Little Pumpkin at the Patch: Fun at Shadybrook Farm

Though she struggled and let out a little grunt, my daughter’s eyes were filled with joy as she attempted to carry her huge pumpkin she selected with her daddy. After searching for about fifteen minutes or so, she beamed and said, “That’s the one I want!” It sure was a big one, much larger than the ones she’s selected in the past few years. Since Quinn was one years old we’ve been taking her to Shadybrook Farm to pick out a special pumpkin to decorate and to have a little autumn fun. It’s now a four year tradition we all look forward to doing, and yesterday was no different.

Even though there was major overcast and cloud coverage, the weather was perfect: not too cold and not too hot with the sun peeking through the clouds on occasion. We enjoyed the hayride, and this year Quinn eagerly navigated through the pumpkin patch with a pep in her step alongside her dad, nana and me not too far behind her. After selecting her pumpkin, we enjoyed some treats, did many of the activities and headed home ready to decorate our pumpkins.

Yes, we could have simply went to the local grocery store to get a pumpkin, but having this family tradition and experiencing family togetherness is definitely a better and far more memorable experience.

If you live in the Philadelphia area near or in Bucks County, I urge you to consider taking your family to Shadybrook Farm to not only pick your pumpkins but your apples too at a nominal fee. We actually paid half priced by bringing in non-perishable canned goods. There’s so much to do for children and adults of all ages. I’m sure you’ll have a great time just like my family does every year.

All the best,


My Little Girl’s Baby: Bring on the Dolls & Their Accessories!

My daughter excitedly put on her nightclothes and quickly rushed to the mirror. Hugging her little baby doll, she smiled at me, “Look, Mommy! We’re dressed exactly alike!” Up until a few weeks ago Quinn occasionally played with her dolls, but for the most part she and Grover have been inseparable. But ever since that moment of Quinn and her baby wearing the same nightclothes (a gift courtesy of her Nana), she’s become immersed in the idea of being a little mommy to her little baby.

She’s requested a little toothbrush so they can brush their teeth together, wants to know if we can find more outfits so that they can dress alike again and wants to bring her along in addition to Grover on car rides. With this in mind, she most recently asked, “Mommy, can we get my baby a car seat so that she’s safe just like me?” She also asked for a baby carrier too so they can walk around together. I guess I knew this day would come eventually. It’s cute watching her tend to her baby doll, but I have a feeling that once she finds out about the American Girl Dolls that this is going to be one costly next few years, but it’ll be fun and worth seeing that big smile on her face.

All the best,


Cricket Anyone? Exploring Nature with My Little Girl

As I worked on some course materials, I faintly heard, “Mommy…Mommy…Mommy;” then it got louder. “Mommy…Mommy…Come Quick! Hurry!” My daughter was outside being Daddy’s assistant while he did some yard work today. Though her shout did not sound panicky, it had a sense of urgency, so I dropped what I was doing and came running out to make sure everything was okay. “Look what I’ve got on my work glove, Mommy!” she proudly signaled with her eyes yet barely moving her body.

From the porch, I couldn’t see what it was, but as I got closer I noticed that it was an insect perched on the finger of her little gardening glove.” Daddy and I were working and found a cricket, Mommy! He wanted to sit on my glove since he’s my friend.” I said, “Don’t move Quinnie. I’m going to get my camera,” and when I came back he was still there as though he had no other place to go and was simply awaiting his photo shoot. After snapping a few pictures, Quinn and her daddy gently slid the little guy off of her glove back to nature.

I was truly impressed with how gentle and unafraid she was. It reminded me how much I embraced nature when I was younger and how I enjoyed examining insects. I just love when fun learning experiences can be up close and personal and for free too. As an afterthought, I wish I grabbed her little magnifying glass so that we could have examined him even closer. Well, maybe next time.

All the best,


The Balancing Act of Riding a Bike with My Little Girl

The other day, I took my four year old out to practice riding her bike. As she pedaled down the sidewalk with me following closely behind her, a woman coming our way smiled at Quinn and then at me. After complimenting Quinn on her helmet, she turned to me and said, “May I offer some advice?” Before I had a chance to say yes, she said, “You really ought to get your daughter a balance bike. That’s the way my three kids learned. After using the balance bike, they went straight to riding bikes with no training wheels.” I just smiled and thanked her for her advice, and my daughter and I continued on our way.

This woman was actually the second person I encountered in the past few months who suggested that I invest in a balance bike for my little girl. While I’ve seen these bikes advertised in circulars or on the Toys ‘R Us website, I’ve actually never seen a child using one outside. Also, I learned using training wheels and transitioned to using a ten speed bike by the time I was six.

My daughter loves her Disney princess bike so much, and she’s getting better and better at coming to a complete stop as we approach an intersection and is steadily improving with steering the handlebar. I’m not too sure if I want to change over to a balance bike for selfish reasons; it will slow us down. Also, I’m not sure Quinn would like it since she enjoys being able to pedal her bike to meet her daddy at the train station. Plus she has a trailer bike attached to mine which has pedals too.

Did you learn how to ride a bike using training wheels on a traditional bike or learn using a balance bike? Which type of bike did or do you prefer for your child? Even though I feel like my mind is made up, I’m willing to consider the balance bike if it will benefit Quinn in the long run. Please share your thoughts. Thanks.

All the best,