Happy Daughter, Happy Daddy, Happy Family!

“Guess what I got you, Daddy!” my daughter urged her father as she handed him a gift bag. “A puppy!?” he asked jokingly. Quinn then laughed saying, “No, it’s not a puppy, silly daddy!” My husband looked inside the bag and pulled out a picture cube with each side displaying photos of him and his special girl. After thanking her and getting a big hug, she excitedly presented him with a cake from his favorite bakery for father’s day. “No cake for breakfast though, Daddy!” she told him as his eyes lit up eager to get a slice.

Beyond favoring each other, my husband and daughter have such a special bond and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. I am grateful that my husband is physically, emotionally and intellectually present as a father. He loves playing games, reading stories or just watching cartoons with our daughter. He doesn’t mind answering her many questions, having tea parties and an endless range of activities with her. There is no doubt that he makes her feel special and loved.

Seeing how happy they both make each other makes me that much more happy. I am grateful for the closeness and love within our family. On this father’s day, I hope my husband feels a little more love and a little more appreciation because he absolutely deserves it.

Here’s to all of the stand-up, wonderful fathers around the world.

All the best,


Special Moments: My Little Girl’s Pre-K Move-up Day

“I’m excited but a little nervous, Mommy,” my five year old told me. Interestingly, my daughter and I are ending her pre-k experience the same way it started two years ago: both “nervscited!” (A combination of nervous and excited) As she ends this chapter of her life and prepares for kindergarten in September, it has been such a wonderful experience watching her make friends, learn and grow not just physically but emotionally, mentally and cognitively, and it has been a great experience for me interacting with her teachers and playing a role in her educational experience.

Yesterday, we not only attended her special pre-k ceremony acknowledging her achievements and moving on to kindergarten, but we also attended the kindergarten orientation at what will be her new school in September. My little girl is growing up so fast, and at times I struggle on an emotional level to keep up. It’s such an overwhelming feeling, but I will be there supporting her all of the way for every milestone and cherishing memorable moments like this one and many more in the future.

All the best,


The Magical World of Disney with My Little Girl


“Are we really going to Disney World?” my daughter asked as she waited to board her first airplane. “Yes, we are!” I told her in my high pitch voice just as excited if not more than she was. Just a couple of weeks ago, my husband and I took our five year old to meet Minnie, Mickey, all of the princesses, and many others for the very first time. Actually, it was my first time too, and I was in absolute awe. Though there were times when the rain was relentless, it didn’t put a damper on our bright, fun-filled days, and the sunshine and warm weather was welcomed with open arms.

We spent six days at Disney: three in Magic Kingdom, one in Animal Kingdom, one in Epcot and one in a Hollywood Studios, and we enjoyed every moment. The crowds were not overwhelming. Our longest wait time was twenty minutes, and our fast pass selections were right on target. We all agreed that Pandora: Avatar Flight of Passage was one of our favorites, and with the nearly three hour wait time, I am so glad it was one of our fast pass picks allowing us to wait just about five minutes to board.

The cast members and staff were consistently friendly and extremely helpful which added to our wonderful experience. Meeting all of the princesses and characters with my daughter, and seeing her face light up is something I will hold on to for years to come.

In the words of my daughter, “I’d love to come back to Disney World again and again!”

Here’s to magical, memorable moments with my family!

All the best,


The Most Colorful…Happiest…Kid-Friendly Bedroom Ever! Troll Style!!!

“You’re the best Mommy ever! My new bedroom is troll everything!” My daughter shrieked as she wrapped her arms around me with joy. Just a little over a month ago, Quinn turned five years old, and one of her wishes was for a big girl room. She bounced around some ideas for a while but eventually decided on a Trolls as her theme. When I asked her why to make sure it was what she really wanted, her response was that she loves the movie “Trolls” and wants a happy, colorful and fun space just like they have. I thought that was an awesome reason, and was eager to get to work.

We established the wall colors and accent items using Poppy as our inspiration: pink, aqua and sea green. After searching for the perfect twin bed to replace Quinn’s toddler bed, I found the perfect one fit for a princess at Target and was able to order the comforter and sheets through Target as well as a Bed Bath and Beyond. We were able to bring some of Quinn’s Troll toys into her bedroom to display, and I purchased a few more as a special surprise. While at Walmart, I stumbled upon a sea green bean bag that matches perfectly with her room and took the time to paint a night stand that was originally white to match the decor of her room.

To promote reading, I got some Trolls books that my daughter loves reading as part of her bedtime story or when she’s simply relaxing in her bed waiting for the day to start. Target, my main go-to store, had a lamp that doubles as a night light that Quinn uses every night and day as she reads at night.

I wanted some wall art with Troll characters, but couldn’t find what I was looking for, so with my graphic design background, I designed and had canvases printed up with the different characters.

When Quinn or anyone who has come to visit comes into her bedroom, they can’t help but feel happy because it’s such a colorful and inviting place. This truly was a fun project for me, and seeing how happy and appreciative Quinn was when her room was unveiled filled me with so much joy.

All the best,