Mommy’s Baby Steps: 200 Posts & Counting…

2016-07-27 12.14.48I’ve always enjoyed writing as a way to not only express myself but to travel on my journey of life. Though I still have much further to go on the journey of motherhood, I’m so excited that this is my 200th blog post on Mommy’s Baby Steps.

As the old sayings go, “Time flies…” and “They grow so quickly within a blink of an eye.” My three year old daughter has taught me so much about myself in such a short period of time. Revisiting some of the early blog posts leaves me in awe with how much we both have grown and developed. I’m truly looking forward to continuing our lifelong journey together and sharing our experiences together as we both continue to learn and grown from one another.

Here’s to the next 200 posts and beyond!

All the best,


What Would We Do Without It Wednesdays: The Roller Coaster of Life

2016-07-27 17.38.39

First of Many Roller Coaster Rides

“Wheee…yaaaay! This is the best ride ever, Mommy!” My adventurous three year old screamed out as we quickly whipped around the corner on the Vapor Trail Rollercoaster lead by Super Grover at Sesame Place. It was just a couple of weeks ago that my little girl got on the roller coaster (or any roller coaster for that matter) for the very first time after my nine year old niece asked to get on. Quinn just made the age requirement, yet an adult had to accompany her.  I was a bit nervous about her reaction and just making sure she did’t slide out of the seat, but she did very well and begged to get on a second time along with my niece. Since there was really no line, I obliged because I could handle a kiddie roller coaster, right? Wrong!

I was quickly reminded why I don’t get on roller coaster rides like I did when I was younger. Ever since I had Quinn, my stomach sometimes gets so topsy-turvy from too much motion. It can be anything from going up and down on a swing too high or for too long to spinning around too quickly on the tea cups (yes, the tea cups). As I was trying to get rid of that “woozy” feeling, Quinn was excited asking to get on a third time, and I had to tell her maybe next time and just endure the pouting and tears welling up in her eyes.

While I could have focused on the negative and allowed the roller coaster to take me down the first time and avoid it on future visits, I decided to focus on the positive.  As Quinn is having fun, she’s learning what she can handle. I too am relearning what I can handle or not handle as well as I once did on the roller coaster of life.

So when I showed my husband the picture of Quinn and me on the roller coaster from today, in a surprised tone he asked, “You got on a roller coaster again?” To which I responded, “Yes! From the last experience, I learned that I have to follow certain roller coaster guidelines for myself: no food at least an hour before riding and no back-to-back rides under any circumstances. As long as I do that, I’m good to go!”

What would we do with out roller coasters allowing us to experience ups and downs and the twists and turns of life.

All the best,


Mommy’s Monday Moments: Oh So Big & Brave But Still Too Little

This past Friday, my daughter and I went to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, a huge water park. Though it was fun, most rides have a minimum height requirement of 48 inches, about seven inches more than my taller than average three year old.

Of course, Quinn sought out the tallest most daring rides (ones that even made me think twice) and begged, “Mommy, please can we get on the huge slide?!” I tried to explain to her that she just was not tall enough, but this was not sitting well with her. How grateful I am that we went along with my sister and her kids who were able to have fun with Quinn in the Blue Lagoon wave pool and get her mind off of the other rides. Then, we went to Caribbean Cove which is also age appropriate for Quinn, but she insisted on going to the area with more slides: Discovery Bay.

Since this was our first time, I was not aware that there is a 42 inch minimum height requirement in this area, an inch more than my daughter’s height. As my nine year old niece climbed the rope ladder to get on the slide into the water, my little girl was bravely climbing right behind her. She got all the way to the top, maybe about six or seven feet up, and was just standing there not going down the slide. Then my niece yelled down, “The life guard said Quinn’s not tall enough!” I felt so bad as I looked at Quinn became to pout and cry out, “Why can’t I go down the slide? I want to go down the water slide, Mommy!”

I’m sure it was not comforting to her, but I reassured her that she will be tall enough next year to go down the slide. We then found a slide that was just right for her size, and she was content and went with the flow. I do, however, have a feeling that when she is tall enough for these rides, she’ll be eager to get on the 54 inch requirement rides. Next time, I’ll be sure to take a look at all of the height requirements beforehand so that I know exactly which rides are “height-appropriate” for my brave little girl.

All the best,



STEM Fun: Learning at the Franklin Institute with My Little Girl

With a huge smile on her face, my three year old exclaimed, “This place is awesome!” as we explored the many exhibits at the Franklin Institute. This actually was her first time at the Franklin Institute because I was waiting for her to be a little older to be able to enjoy most of the exhibits and activities, but with the Science Behind Pixar exhibit and deciding to get a membership with 15 percent off, I figured it was time. Also, I thought this would be perfect for Quinn’s cognitive development, especially since she’s developed in the STEM areas.

Upon entering the Pixar exhibit, she quickly spotted Dory, Buzz Lightyear and many others and excitedly fiddled around with the interactive components with her two cousins and auntie, who joined us, and her go-to phrases of the day became, “Look at this, Mommy!” or “What’s this, Mommy?” We both learned so much and had a wonderful time, and I was eager to explore some of the exhibits throughout the rest of the museum as I became nostalgic about my own childhood and class trips to the Franklin Institute.

Since she is young, My sister and I wondered if Quinn would be afraid of the giant heart that allows museum goers to walk through it. She had so many questions about what everything was and wanted to know about the heartbeat sound she heard when were inside; she loved it and asked to walk through three more times. She had a blast in the Sir Isaac Newton’s Loft testing her own strength and learning about gravity. Another exhibit we explored that was new to me because it was not around when I was a child is the sports zone. We all had so much fun. Quinn was able to race the Philly Phanatic, her older cousin and even me too. She worked on her jump shot, did some surfing and practiced her stance and baseball pitch.

I’m looking forward to many more visits to the Franklin Institute with Quinn to explore some of the exhibits we didn’t make it to during our the first time. I’m also excited to go back to the ones we thoroughly enjoyed not just during the summer but for months and years to come. If you’re in the Philadelphia, PA are and looking for a fun, family activity that promotes learning in the STEM area, the Franklin Institute is the perfect place.

All the best,


Terrific Toy Tuesday: What’s Sand Without Sandcastles?

“Yay! Look at my sandcastle, Mommy! It’s perfect!” my little girl asserted as she cheerfully smiled and pointed at what she created with her big cousin. While most adults may go to the beach to soak up the sun, relax and maybe even read a book, it’s a summer playground or a kid’s construction site to create works of art and intricate buildings.

A couple of weeks ago, I took my three year old to the beach along with my sister and her kids. Even though she certainly enjoyed playing in the ocean and “catching waves,” she equally enjoyed playing in the sand. When I informed her that we would be going to the beach, she requested, “Can I bring my bucket, shovel and other toys to build a castle, please, Mommy?”

I recall having so much fun building sandcastles and trying to get them “just right” when I was younger with the accurate combination of water and sand. In helping Quinn and her cousin, I had to make sure it was all about them having fun and me keeping my type “A” personality under control. As long as it was perfect to them, it was perfect to me! This brought back such wonderful memories and is a great summer toy to ensure long hours of enjoyment at the beach.

All the best,


Mommy’s Monday Moments: Fulfilling My Little Girl’s Dream and My Bucket List by Swimming with a Dolphin

“Mommy, are you going to swim with the dolphins? That would be so much fun!” my three year old exclaimed as she looked at the website of tourist attractions in Mexico with her daddy. I responded, “I don’t know, honey. Maybe.” I never did anything like that before, but as a result of my daughter’s enthusiasm, I strongly considered doing it. Last week, my husband and I vacationed in Mexico while Quinn stayed with my mother, and when the hotel representative of tourist attractions presented the brochure about the Dolphin Discovery, I felt that I was destined to do this activity to fulfill my little one’s dream as well as my very own “bucket list.”

We arrived at our destination on Sunday, and to ensure that I didn’t have too much time to change my mind, I booked the Dolphin activity for that Monday. I’m a novice swimmer, so I purposely didn’t ask how deep the water as to minimize any anxiety, and I found myself channeling my daughter’s fearlessness as I got into the water. It was such a wonderful experience. Upon entering the water, I felt calm, and my heart was no longer racing from fear but just from the excitement of interacting with the dolphin who had such a sweet and calming aura. I jokingly told my husband that I want one as a pet because they just seem so loving.

After being away from my daughter for a week, she first gave her father and me big hugs and then asked, “Did you swim with the dolphins, Mommy?” I proudly said, “Yes, I did sweetie.” Then, I gave her a plush dolphin along with a dolphin t-shirt as souvenirs, and she was very excited to receive them and asked when she can swim with the dolphins too.

Had it not been for Quinn asking me about swimming with the dolphins, I wouldn’t have stepped outside of my comfort zone and ventured out to do something new and daring. Who would have ever thought that my three year old could evoke the quality of fearlessness within me? This truly is a moment I will never forget and owe this experience to my daughter.

All the best,


What Would We Do Without It Wednesday: Soaking Up the Sun & Catching Waves with My Little Girl

“Here comes another wave, Mommy!” my little girl giddily told me as she tried to wiggle out of my grasp to jump and splash in the ocean by herself as the wave came our way. A couple of weeks ago, I posted a blog entry about having some summer fun with my daughter, so of course this includes going to the beach to have a great, fun-filled day, which we did yesterday.

Since Quinn was one years old, she’s enjoyed splashing around in the ocean, so now that’s she’s three, she can’t get enough of it. “I love being in the ocean!” she cheered with uncontrollable laughter when each wave splashed up against her, and even after one was tall and powerful enough to reach her face and push her back causing me to grab hold of her even tighter out of nervousness, she had a big smile on her face as she rubbed her eyes from the water getting in them. “I’m ready for another wave, Mommy!”

Going to the beach with my sister and her kids definitely added to the fun in the water and building castles in the sand. Plus, with bringing our own refreshments and snacks, we saved a good deal of money.  It was just a matter of paying the gas and tolls to get to the beach. Another bonus is that there are some amusement park rides for the kids to enjoy after the beach activities. The main issue was convincing my daughter to leave when she was having so much fun. There was some pouting and a bit of whining, but I assured her that we’ll be coming back a few more times before summer ends. I’m thoroughly enjoying my summer fun with my little one!

All the best,


Mommy’s Monday Moments: Happy 4th of July!

2016-07-04 16.52.14“Look, my shirt has a flag on it! What does it say, Mommy?” my three year old inquired. “America!” I responded. She then asked, “What’s America?” “America is where we live: The United States of America,” I told her. With an critical look she informed me, “We don’t live in America. We live in our home.” I explained to her, “Yes, our home is in America.” “Oh, our home is in America. Okay!” she said as I envisioned the lightbulb laminating over her head.

My little girl is very familiar with the American flag and the colors red, white and blue, so I took it for granted that she knew that we live in America. It was a wonderful opportunity to provide her with a little history lesson on why we celebrate the 4th of July and what the United States of America represents. It’s much more than cookouts, fireworks and fun at the beach; it’s the land of the free where the opportunities are endless for my little girl.

Happy 4th of July to you and yours!

All the best,


Christmas in July with My Little Girl!

When I was a little girl, I loved Christmas, not just because I received presents, but there is just something so magical and joyous about this time of the year. My three year old is no different. Though it is now July, she will still sing the Christmas version of the Sesame Street Parade and still makes references about Santa. So when we went to have a Day Out With Thomas Last weekend, I figured it would be a great idea to stop off to the National Christmas Center, which was not too far away in Paradise, PA, before going home. At first, my husband joked that the place was closed because there was only one car in the large parking lot, but I assured him that I double checked the hours online.

Upon walking through the entry door, it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas. There were decorations, trees and Santa. It was set up like a Christmas Museum, and there was a $12 fee for touring the facility. I was glad that the parking lot was empty because we were able to take our time without the bombardment of several people. The Christmas displays were from Nativity scenes around the world, the evolution of Santa Claus around the world and even Christmas through the eyes of children from different decades and countries among other displays.

Quinn enjoyed the exhibits, but something I did not think about, however, was that while there were many cardboard cutouts of Santa, decorative figures and even lifelike mannequins of Santa, Santa, in human form, was not there. This did not sit well with my daughter who kept asking, “Where’s Santa? When are we going to see Santa?” I had tot explain to her a few times that he was in the North Pole working, which she eventually accepted.

I would recommend this place to anyone who loves Christmas and has children who love Christmas. Just make sure the kids know that the “real” Santa will not be there. It was a lovely family experience and brought back some great childhood memories for me too.

All the best,