It’s My Fifth Mommyversary!

Last week, I celebrated my daughter’s fifth birthday. Today, I celebrate my fifth anniversary as a mother. Wow, I cannot believe that I’ve been a mother for five years. I’ve learned so much along the way from my mother, family, friends, other mothers and especially my daughter. Creating this blog, “Mommy’s Baby Steps” and posting about my journey as a mother has been a wonderful experience too. I’ve learned that my journey as a mother is full of many destinations and sights to see. Some places I will love, embrace and want to stay forever, and there will be some that I am eager to leave, but they are essential and a part of motherhood. All in all, I am grateful so blessed to be a mother. My daughter has played an integral role in helping me evolve and grow, and I couldn’t imagine my life without her.

Happy mother’s day to you and yours.

All the best,


High Fives All Around! Happy Birthday to My Little Girl!

1825 days ago….260 weeks ago…60 months ago…five years ago, my daughter made her entrance into the world. Not a moment, week or day goes by that I don’t think about how blessed I am to have her in my life. She’s such a sweet, caring and generous person. Not to mention, she’s intelligent, a real problem solver, creative and outgoing. Quinn may only be five years old, but she’s taught me so much from day one. She brings out the best in me and helps me to be a better version of myself with each passing day.

When I celebrate her birth, I am celebrating my birth as a mom. I am celebrating my ability to be more assertive, to always exercise kindness and positivity and to just enjoy life and all that it has to offer. As I type this post, I shed a few tears of joy knowing how much she has added to my life and the lives of all of those people with whom she comes in contact.

Happy birthday to me sweet girl who deserves all of the “double” high fives she wants!

All the best,


Along for the Ride: Another Milestone Boost for My Little Girl!

“It’s perfect!” my daughter says as she smiles sitting with her elbows on the armrests of her new booster car seat. Just a couple of years ago, we had to replace her first car seat as her legs grew longer, and about a month ago, we found ourselves in the same position again as we struggled to snap the three point harness on Quinn’s car seat. Being in the 95th percentile for her height, my four year old is reaching certain milestones ahead of schedule and refuses to slow down. She was so excited to get her booster seat and asked, “Can I be in charge of unbuckling myself when we get to our destination, Mommy?” I told her, “Sure, you can.”

As much as I love seeing her grow and know it is imminent, there are times when I feel like we’re in the fast lane, and I’m just along for the ride asking her to slow down just a little. I want to enjoy the sights and sounds along the way. I want to take in the scenery and commit it to memory. Yes, at the end of the day, it may just be a booster seat, but it represents change, growth and time, and while I am certainly not the driver at all times, I am grateful to be a passenger in the vehicle of my daughter’s life.

All the best,


On the Eleventh Day of Christmas, My Daughter Gave to Me…Too Many Nostalgic Moments to Count

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my daughter gave to me…too many nostalgic moments to count. Friends and family will tell you that I’m a big kid at heart, so having a young child is such a wonderful experience as I not only build new experiences with her but reminisce over some of my favorite Christmas memories.

One nostalgic moment that was simple yet really moved me happened earlier this week when we were wrapping presents. My daughter asked to keep the empty gift wrap roll. “Look, it’s a baton!” Quinn said as she paraded around twirling it. “Now it’s a telescope,” she exclaimed looking through the one end in my direction. She then put it on her nose saying, “Look at me Mommy; I’m an elephant!”

“It can be a megaphone too!” I told her. She then put the roll up to her mouth and started enunciating her words carefully and loudly for that special megaphone effect. It now has a several old extra socks on it from a project we did making sock snowman.

Watching her with the gift wrap roll immediately made me think about how my sister and I used gift wrap rolls to communicate at night as we waited for Santa to arrive. I could close my eyes and envision it like it just happened and feel the same level of excitement I had as a child knowing that Santa was on his way.

I can’t help but smile as I recall those memorable Christmas moments among many others that have yet to happen.

All the best,


The Tooth Fairy’s Visit: A Memorable Moment and Milestone for My Little Girl

“Did you see her, Mommy? “She came! The tooth fairy came!” my missing tooth little girl told me still not fully awake from her slumber. Yesterday, my four year old lost her first tooth, and though it was emotional for me, I wanted to make it memorable for her. We talked about the tooth fairy, and Quinn asked me many questions. “Will she take the tooth back to her castle? Will she come in my room? How big is she? Will she return my tooth so that we can save it?”

I remember losing my first tooth when I was about her age. Wow, have things changed with the tooth fairy since then! There’s so many ways to make it a memorable experience beyond getting a monetary gift.

I purchased Quinn the complete tooth fairy kit through Amazon that included a satin bag for the tooth, a special case to house all of her baby teeth as she loses them and a hanger for the door knob so that he tooth fairy knows to stop by her room.

Though the tooth fairy is very busy collecting teeth, I wanted to ensure that there was a record of her visiting Quinn. She was kindly took the time to carefully examine my daughter’s tooth and to wrote up a detailed receipt.

The tooth fairy even gave me heads up through an App called Tooth Fairy Camera so that I’d know when she was stopping by so that I could get a little video clip of her to share with Quinn, which she just loved! Despite still coming to grips with my daughter having a milestone that signifies leaving behind babyhood and being a sliver of a step closer to adulthood, this was a memorable experience for us both.


Check out the one minute trailer below about he ooh fairy’s visit. She makes a cameo appearance it the end.

All the best,


From Loose Tooth to Missing Tooth: Mommy Needs a Little Fairy Dust to Deal with This New Milestone

Last Saturday, as my four year old talked, I caught a glimpse of something that didn’t look as it once did. “Open your mouth, honey,” I instructed my daughter. My facial expression said it all as Quinn asked, “What’s wrong with my mouth, Mommy?” Her little bottom tooth shifted, and there was a wider space between it and the tooth next to it. “I think you might have a loose tooth,” I told her. After washing my hands and then examining the tooth much closer, my suspicion was correct, and I was filled with angst.

Of course, Quinn losing her first tooth is imminent, but I just thought I had more time. It just so happened that she had a dental appointment this past Monday, and her dentist confirmed that she was about a year early with losing her first tooth. I then thought about when I lost my first tooth, and I was around her age as well, so the dentist said that losing teeth early can be hereditary.

I wondered how much time I had before her tooth would fall out and if it would fall out on its own or if I’d need to help it along. Could she possibly swallow it?  Then I started to think about what the loose tooth represents. One of the earliest signs of adulthood: an adult tooth coming in soon. Yikes! Quinn could sense that I was not totally happy about her losing her first tooth as asked why I was upset to which I responded, “You’re not my baby girl anymore.”

How is it that I was so excited when my little girl got her first two teeth at five months, but now I’m filled with anxiety? This major milestone makes me wonder. As she continues to mature, become her own person and learn about the world, am I doing all that I can to support her and leave a good imprint on her well into adulthood?

Today, while Quinn was having daddy and daughter time, I got a call with her on the other line, “Guess what, Mommy!” I lost my tooth! It came out a Red Robin!”  Even though  I am still struggling with this milestone a little ahead of schedule, I am happy that Quinn was excited. For her, the loose tooth represents being a big girl and getting a visit from the tooth fairy. For me, it represents many more emotional milestones to come. I just hope that I’m ready.

All the best,


A Lesson from My Little Girl: Swimming in The Metaphorical “Deep End” of the Pool

“Did you see me, Mommy? Did you see me dip my head in the water?” my little girl excitedly inquired. “Yes, I did! I’m so proud of you, honey!” I exclaimed. My little girl went from panicking and crying when getting her hair washed about a half year ago to standing in a swimming pool without me by her side eager to learn and follow her teacher’s instructions.

Just about seven weeks ago, I enrolled my four year in swim lessons at Kids’ First Swim after she expressed an interest in to learning swim. I wasn’t sure how well she would do without me considering that she was very nervous when she was a little over a year taking lessons in the water with me. To my surprise, she did not cry and readily got into the water. She did inform me ahead of time, however, that she does not like getting water in her eyes and ears because of the “funny feeling” she gets, which is understandable.

Nevertheless, on level one, one of the skills was for Quinn to bob her head under water five times, so I knew this would be a major hurdle for her. In week one and two, she did everything but put her head under water; I could see the uncertainty in her eyes. Before going into the water during week three, she said, “Mommy, I know I have to put my head under water, and I’m trying really hard, but I’m just nervous.” I reassured her that it’s okay to be nervous and that the more she is in the water the more comfortable she will feel.

That day, I observed her through the one-way mirror as she slowly put her little chin in the water. After class, she asked if I saw her, and I smiled and told her I did, to which she responded, “You see, Mommy, it may take me some time, but I’m going to get there, you’ll see!” By the fifth class, she was making progress but still not quite getting her head under  water, so I sat her down and we talked about her possibly needing to take level one again.

I was impressed that she was not upset but  was just eager to try again so that she can continue to improve. I asked, “Are you enjoying learning how to swim?” Quinn smiled and said, “Yes.” I asked, “Are you having fun?” In an even louder and confident voice, Quinn said, “Yes, Mommy!” She then said, “As long as I try my best, that’s okay, right Mommy!?” I smiled and told her, “Absolutely!”

Last week, we started a new session on level one, and Quinn put her head all the way under the water for the first time and arose with this huge smile on her face demonstrating how proud she was of herself.

This is one of many experiences my daughter will have which will present a challenge, and I just love the way she’s handling it. I just hope I continue to handle it as well as she does with the many challenges  and hurdles that may take us both in the “deep end” of life.

All the best,