Daddy’s Girl Loves Celebrating Father’s Day

From the moment they locked eyes minutes after her birth, my daughter has always been a “daddy’s girl” and my husband has been wrapped around Quinn’s finger.

While there’s been a few moments when I must abashedly admit that I’ve been envious of their bond, my appreciation for their relationship far outweighs that. Not all little girls have a father they happily call “daddy,” and not all men are “happy” to be present fathers on their child’s life.

I don’t let Father’s Day dictate when to celebrate my husband for being a great father and try to make him feel loved and appreciated year round, but I do love using that as his extra special day to feel honored because there’s no way I would be able to have come this far taking “mommy” baby steps without him by my side helping to raise Quinn.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers, fathers-to-be, like a father, uncles, pop-pops, etc. This is your special day!

All the best,


Mommy & Me Summer Break Spa Day

My nine year old had a wonderful school year and is officially on summer break! So I thought why not keep our tradition going by celebrating her hard work and accomplishments with a third annual spa day.

While I could have made arrangements for us to go to a pricey spa at an exclusive resort, she deserved the top of the line. She received the full pampering treatment from head to toe at the “Fabulous & Fancy Franklin Spa.”

Quinn had a foot soak, scrub, hydration, rub and pedicure as well as a manicure. She had a lavender face mask with rejuvenating eye gel pads and her hair washed and braided with the color of her choosing. Though the entire process took nearly seven hours, it was worth it to see that smile on her face and to receive a big hug and thank you demonstrating her gratitude. I want her to know that I’m proud of her and enjoy the time we spend together and hope she felt that today.

All the best,


Last Day of Third Grade: Appreciation for an Awesome Teacher

When I picked Quinn up from school, she and her classmates were all crying as they came to the realization that their time with their teacher, Mrs. Smith, was ending 🥺. I’m going to miss her too and am appreciative of how awesome, caring and generous she was. These last few years have been overwhelming, to say the least, but she made Quinn’s third grade experience a memorable, wonderful one for which I’m grateful.

All the best,


The Joy & Energy of Dance Recital Season!

It’s dance recital season, and while it was nonstop, torrential rain as we ran in the building from the car, the performances were absolute sunshine!

My nine year old was in three different dance numbers including the finale with the “big” kids and did a fabulous job holding her own as her dad, Nana and I cheered Quinn on.

I couldn’t be prouder of her, the other dancers and Miss Dez who did a wonderful job choreographing the hip hop numbers.

I felt like a true dance mom!

All the best,