Terrific Toy Tuesday: Mommy’s Little Bike Riding Co-Pilot

“Wheeeee! That was fun! Can we do it again, Mommy?” my little girl asked. Just a few weeks ago my daughter turned four years old, and while she can still fit comfortably in her jogging stroller, for the past few months I was looking for a way where we can both get exercise, have fun and spend time together all at once. Her preschool is about a twenty minute brisk walk away from our house but is a bit too long to expect Quinn to walk the entire way. On a couple of occasions, we used her scooter and her little bike, but needless to say it took far longer than twenty minutes for her little legs to get home from school, even with my assistance.

Then I thought about a tandem (two-person) bike but was concerned about her feet reaching the pedals, storage and me just wanting to ride the bike solo yet navigating with an empty seat in the back (This would be my only bike) Then, on Amazon’s website I came across the perfect alternative: the WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer. It comes in three different color options: pink, green and white. Interestingly, the price does vary depending on the color ranging from about $70 to $80. It is for ages four to nine and a child up to 75 pounds, so we should be able to use it for the next few years with no problem.  I even purchased a Minnie Mouse basket, handlebar streamers and a bell from Target to make it special for Quinn.

Assembly was easier than I anticipated, and hitching her bike onto my newly purchased bike took just a matter of minutes. Now, when I want to ride by myself, I can simply disconnect her bike, but I can reconnect hers back to mine with no problem. Now, instead of the twenty minute brisk walk with the jogging stroller, it takes us about eight minutes. There’s a few hills along the way, which certainly are a challenge, but my four year old pedaled with all her mite to help out and said, “I was pedaling too. We make a good team don’t we, Mommy!” We even have more time to stop by the nearby park with the bikes. This week, there’s a chance of rain almost everyday, and Quinn informed me, “I don’t want it to rain so that we can ride our bikes together.”

We’ve just been riding our bikes for the past couple of weeks since her birthday, but we are already the excited for more outings bike rides through the neighborhood together. I just love having Mommy/daughter time together and hope this will be a memorable moment not just for me but for my daughter too.

All the best,


Mommy’s Monday Moments: Growth Off the Charts for My Little Girl

“How tall am I now, Mommy?” my daughter inquired. Even though we measure Quinn occasionally throughout the year, as part of her birthday, we write it down on her chart so that she can see how much she’s grown, so a couple of weeks ago when she turned four, she was excited to get measured. “So I was 30 inches when I was one, and now I’m 43 inches tall at four?” she asked. “That’s correct, Quinn,” I informed her.

She was so impressed with how much she’s grown and even asked, “How come I didn’t grow as much from when I was three like I did when I was two or one?” Interestingly, in the past year I’ve observed her grow in her ability to articulate how she’s feeling and what she wants, to ask questions and get the answers she’s looking for and just an overall increase in her cognitive development. Actually, her doctor said she’s the height of the average five and a half year old.

As Quinn, her dad and I  saw how much she’s grown just by looking at the lines on the height chart, I think were all amazed at how far she is come and are excited to see how much she will continue to grow. My baby is growing up so much in such a short period of time. It’s moments like these when I utter that cliché phrase, “Where did the time go?”

All the best,


Terrific Toy Tuesday: Mommy’s Little Princess

2017-05-03 18.19.04“I look just like Cinderella, Mommy!” my little girl exclaimed as she twirled around in her new dress-up outfit holding her Cinderella doll she also just received for her birthday. In the past my daughter wanted to dress up as a chef, hair stylist, doctor and even an astronaut, but she was equally happy to dress up as a Disney princess for the first time.

Interestingly, some parents may frown upon the idea of their daughter playing with a Disney princess and may critique the “happily ever after” stories in a harsh manner because they feel that most of the stories demonstrate weak female characters who rely on men to save them. While there may be some validity to this, I say let kids be kids. I think we sometimes don’t give our children enough credit when it comes to thinking for themselves and not believing that every aspect of a fairytale is real or ideal.

There once was a time when there was no diversity nor multiculturalism when it came to Disney Princesses, but today they have come so far. With this in mind, some parents believe their child should only play with dolls that look like them . Even though I understand this line of thinking, I do not necessarily agree with it. Whatever doll my daughter wishes to play with, regardless of color, is absolutely fine with me, and she is still at that age where she has a certain level of innocence where she does not focus on color but just on the interactions and fun she has.

Whether it be a princess or doctor outfit, a Cinderella doll or Doc Mcstuffins, imaginative play is a wonderful way to engage learning while having fun! I’m glad Quinn loves her new dress-up outfit and doll.

All the best,


Mommy’s Monday Moments: Let’s Build a Solid Foundation of Fun at Legoland!

Most people will agree that the basis of a good relationship is a solid foundation. I found that the same applies when constructing a masterpiece out of Legos. With frustration, my daughter wearily informed me, “My dome won’t stay together!” You need to add it to a platform or put Lego blocks underneath so that it’ll stay together, Quinn,” I coached her. Then I saw her experience an “aha moment” as she smiled and continued with ease.

For one of our Mother’s Day activities, we went to Legoland for the very first time and had a blast for just $19 a piece, which is the online fee, $5 cheaper than purchasing the admission at the door.

“Look, Mommy! She’s made out of Legos!” my four year old exclaimed as she stood next to a Lego girl who was taller than she is. There were many replicas of Philadelphia landmarks, such as the downtown skyscraper buildings, the Art Museum, Citizen’s Bank Park Stadium and even the Broad Street Orange Line Subway. What made it even more fun is that many of the displays were interactive where Quinn, along with her Nana, father and I could press buttons and watch the little Lego figures move throughout the Lego city.

Even though there were many children and adults at the facility, there were several Lego stations to accommodate the crowds of people and plenty stools for children and adults to spend some time working on their Lego masterpieces. We even watched 4D Lego movies where we experienced, thunder, lightening, rain and even a little snow and did a workshop where we all learned how to make a Lego car. (We decided to purchase it for just $3.18)

There was a massive pirate ship where the children could climb, bounce and slide and even a ninja game, similar to mission impossible with beams, where they could see how agile and flexible they are. We even did the Lego interactive ride game and spent some time in the Lego shop where many of the items were reasonably priced.  There were even some stations we just didn’t get to even though we were there for nearly three hours.

Being at Legoland reminded me of how much I loved building with Legos when I was younger, and I found myself concentrating just as hard as my daughter was as she, my mom and I worked on our constructions. If you’re looking for a fun activity for the entire family and are near the Plymouth Meeting, PA area, I highly recommend paying a visit to Legoland! They offer annual passes, and I’m considering getting them because my daughter is already asking when we can go back.

All the best,


We’re Here! It’s My Fourth Mommyversary!

“Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!” my daughter bellowed out with joy. “I have a special gift for you!” It was a lovely flower and a handprint picture too. A little over four years ago I became a mother to a sweet little girl who forever changed my life, my world, even the way I behave and think.

“Just wait until you’re a mom” or “Motherhood has a way of changing you” I’ve heard people say, and with each passing day I find myself uttering these same phrases to new mothers or people who may eventually become parents because it is so true for most parents.

In four years, teenagers experience many changes as they go through puberty and just finding themselves from ninth through twelfth grade. In four years, young adults have to figure out what they want to do with their lives as they attend college and start off as freshmen end as a seniors.

In my four years, while I still know I have a long way to go, I’ve not only watched my daughter grow so much but have observed how much I’ve grown. I’ve actually become less shy and more assertive as I speak up to protect my daughter or to give her a voice when she may be to nervous to speak for herself or just cannot articulate what she means. I’m getting even better at dealing with my own range of emotions , from happiness to sadness to anger and frustration to model the behavior I wish to see in her. While I still struggle with change, as she is constantly growing and evolving and each time I get in rhythm with where she is developmentally a new change occurs, I am able to accept those changes a little more.  I know it is a part of life, and I’m grateful that Quinn is growing into an exceptional little girl. I just hope that I am growing into an exceptional mother and that she never doubts my love for her.

Here’s to all mothers and all that you do for your children! May you celebrate and acknowledge all of the positivity that has come out of motherhood and how it has added something special to your lives. I know motherhood has added a lot to mine.

All the best,


Celebrating Four Fantastic Years: Happy Birthday to My Sweet Girl!

Four: a nice and even number. There’s four seasons, four elements, and today makes four years since the birth of my sweet little girl. What a fantastic four years it’s been watching her grow and become her very own person! She loves learning, is so inquisitive and is already in tune with her emotional intelligence and is often the consoler when she sees that someone is upset.

At age one, I was in awe with her ability to walk, at age two, I was eager to listen to her talk, at age three, I enjoyed observing her continue to discover the world and further develop her cognitive skills, and now at age four I look forward to and encourage her questions and interests, even when they seem endless, because I am grateful to have her in my life and love seeing the world through her eyes.

While it may be Quinn’s “happy birthday,” it is my happy day as well. She’s added so much meaning to not just my life but my husband’s life, our extended family and friends too. I hope she grows up knowing how much of a gift she has been to us all and that she feels loved not just on her special day but everyday.

All the best,