My Baby Girl is One!

Tanya H. Franklin and Baby QuinnOn May 3, 2013 at 2:20 am, I gave birth to a healthy and beautiful, eight pound baby girl. Today, I am not only celebrating her first birthday but my first anniversary as a mother. We’ve both grown and learnt so much, she more than me, and the experience has been awe-inspiring. Yesterday, we went to Quinn’s mommy and me class at “The Little Gym,” which I highly recommend if your child is not in a childcare facility yet you want him or her to occasionally be around other children his or her age, and the parents were to say one thing they love about their children. For me, I love Quinn’s inquisitive nature and desire to fearlessly explore. Quinn has been walking for a little under a month now and wants to get into everything. Chasing her around and having to put up boundaries  for her safety can be a major undertaking at times, but seeing how much she has thrived in just 365 days is absolutely amazing. It is my hope that she will keep on this path well into adulthood, always seeking out knowledge and exploring with no fear. This truly is a happy first birthday for my little one and a happy first anniversary as a mother.

All the best,


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