Anticipating Celebrating My Daughter’s Birthday!

In a little over a week, my daughter will be eight years old! Time is flying by! It’s actually been about a year and a half since she did her first YouTube video on her channel, Quinnie’s Fun House. She’s created so many cool, fun and educational videos that children and some adults may enjoy and even learn from,and I am so proud of her! We’re both so excited that she has a little over 90 subscribers, and she is hoping that she will reach 100 very soon. Want to wish Quinnie a happy birthday? Subscribe today to make it extra special!

Sugar Rush Family Edition: 80s Theme PAC-Man Edition

Yesterday was our fourth “Sugar Rush” Zoom bake-off with my sister and niece. Our theme was 80s, and upon my sister seeing our matching t-shirts, she knew that for the first time we both had the same idea: Pac-Man! Quinn initially picked Pac-Man because she’s familiar with the game and enjoys playing it even though it was out way before she was born. We went through a few different ideas, like a boom box radio, roller skates, Adidas and a cassette tape, but Pac-Man was our final decision.

This was a tricky one because we incorporated fondant, and this was our very first time using it. After watching plenty of Sugar Rush episodes, I decided that we could give it a try. Since fondant is an acquired taste, we made the ghost out of it and made the star of the cupcake, Pac-Man, out of lemon buttercream frosting. To make his both stand out, we thought about black frosting, but in knowing that it’s not our favorite, we got creative and used crushed Oreos to cover part of the lemon cupcake. We also had plenty of leftover black Sixlets from when we made puppy cupcakes, so we were able to use them for the eyes.

Though I can use a bit more practice with fondant, we both agreed that the cupcakes turned out better than we expected. Though my sister won’t be able to join us for a few months, we definitely look forward to continuing this fun activity in the future!

All the best,


Tag! About Time to Laser in on Some Family Fun!

It’s been quite a while since my daughter and I’ve attended a birthday party. So when my cousin invited us to attend her son’s 13th birthday party at iPlay America, we were both excited. Admittedly, I felt like I was coming out of the wilderness after surviving off the grid for over a year with limited social gatherings, but once we pulled up and were inside with my sister and niece, who rode with us, there was an overwhelming feeling of joy to see our extended family and to just have some fun enjoying each other.

Of course, we were all wearing masks and still looking for the nearest sanitation stations or restroom to wash our hands after each activity, but these practices are the norm now and did not stop us from having a great time. Quinn was so happy to get on rides and play games, and I was happy to get the first ranking in laser tag. I know we still have a ways to go before masks will be a thing of the past, but I’m hopeful that we’ll have more fun outings with our family and friends allowing us to appreciate life and each other even more.

All the best,


Easter Fun with My Daughter: Dyeing Eggs, Easter Baskets and Family Togetherness

I love dyeing eggs with my daughter. It’s a fun activity and a great way to involve science. Yesterday, Quinn decided that she wanted to dye eggs for her Youtube video, and I was all for it! For some reason, these activities bring us closer together, and I get an opportunity to see what she knows and is capable of doing without my assistance. When I think about the first time we dyed eggs and how far she’s come with barely needing my help, there’s no doubt that my little chickadee is growing up.

It also was great to see her eyes light up as she eagerly looked through her Easter basket and gave our puppy, Zack, his Easter toy.

Happy Easter, and all the best,