On the Third Day of Christmas, My Daughter Gave to Me a Meet and Greet with Santa, Her and Me (and Grover too)!

Santa and Quinn 2017 3On the Third Day of Christmas, My Daughter Gave to Me a Meet and Greet with Santa, Her and Me (and Grover too)! When it was time for Quinn to talk with Santa and take a picture, she signaled for me to come too. I sat on “What’s your name?” With a nervous smile, she quietly said, “Quinn.” He then asked, “What would you like for Christmas, Quinn?” She paused and drew a blank reminiscent of the scene from “A Christmas Story” with Ralphie when Santa coached him into getting a football. My four year old, still drawing a blank, blurted out, “A cat!” “A cat,” Santa replied and smiled. “A cat, I thought to myself with a puzzled look.” I then asked, “Do you mean the robot cat, Quinn?” “Yes, that’s the one!” She confirmed.

When it was time to take the picture, Santa said, “Quinn, do you want to make sure Grover is facing the camera? I can tell he is well-loved.” I thought that was so nice and will be something she will remember.

Later on, she told me she was nervous and just couldn’t remember what she wanted. She even wanted to go back and talk to Santa some more and ask him how Mrs. Claus was doing. There’s something special about seeing Santa. Even as an adult it’s a nostalgic experience for me. I sense Quinn’s innocence and willingness to hope and believe, and I love the magical feeling that Santa gives. As you can see, I look even more excited to sit next to Santa than Quinn.

All the best,


On the Second Day of Christmas, My Daughter Gave to Me…Too Much Fun Decorating

On the second day of Christmas, my daughter gave to me…too much fun decorating and one great outing selecting our Christmas tree. Whether purchasing a real Christmas tree  or digging the artificial one out of the attic or basement, the hope is that it will be a fun time for all decorating the tree and that it will not be just one person doing all of the work.

Luckily, my four year old loves decorating and wanted to start putting ornaments on our tree as soon as it was erected in our dining room corner. We waited one day in the event that the tree expanded some after being tied up to our car and in the cold, and that Sunday after Thanksgiving we got to work.

Last year, Quinn wanted a rainbow tree and asked for the same this year. While she handled the lower colors: green, blue, purple and pink (I know pink is technically not in the rainbow, but Quinn loves the color), I handled the upper colors: red, orange and yellow. This was such a great activity because Quinn loves sorting the colors as she did last year. This year, she even asked if her doll’s could help. How could I refuse? “Sure, the more the merrier,” I told her.

After we finished decorating, she asked me, “Do you think Heavenly Brownie (That’s what she named our tree) likes the way we decorated him? Do you think he’s happy to be in our home?” I responded, “Absolutely!”

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On the First Day of Christmas, My Daughter Gave to Me…Help Selecting Our Christmas Tree

On the first day of Christmas, my daughter gave to me…help selecting our Christmas tree. Since Quinn was one year’s old, we started the tradition of getting our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. Now that she’s four year’s old, there is no containing her excitement, and just like her Mommy, she wanted the biggest, widest and tallest tree available. Good thing her daddy was there to reign us both in as we had our eyes set on a nine foot tree that would’ve surely scrape our ceiling.

As simple as this task can be, having it as a tradition makes it so much more meaningful, especially now that my little girl not only helps to pick out the tree but has taken over with the naming of our Christmas tree: a fun tradition my husband and I started for her first Christmas. We’ve had BG, short for Big Green, BGJ, short for Big Green junior and BG3, short for Big Green the third. This year, Quinn picked a very interesting name: Heavenly Brownie! When I asked her what made her come up with that name, she said, “I just like it!” Who knows what we’ll call our tree next year, but I’m definitely looking forward to the experience.

Here’s to fond memories with our 2017 Christmas tree: Heavenly Brownie!

All the best,



The Tooth Fairy’s Visit: A Memorable Moment and Milestone for My Little Girl

“Did you see her, Mommy? “She came! The tooth fairy came!” my missing tooth little girl told me still not fully awake from her slumber. Yesterday, my four year old lost her first tooth, and though it was emotional for me, I wanted to make it memorable for her. We talked about the tooth fairy, and Quinn asked me many questions. “Will she take the tooth back to her castle? Will she come in my room? How big is she? Will she return my tooth so that we can save it?”

I remember losing my first tooth when I was about her age. Wow, have things changed with the tooth fairy since then! There’s so many ways to make it a memorable experience beyond getting a monetary gift.

I purchased Quinn the complete tooth fairy kit through Amazon that included a satin bag for the tooth, a special case to house all of her baby teeth as she loses them and a hanger for the door knob so that he tooth fairy knows to stop by her room.

Though the tooth fairy is very busy collecting teeth, I wanted to ensure that there was a record of her visiting Quinn. She was kindly took the time to carefully examine my daughter’s tooth and to wrote up a detailed receipt.

The tooth fairy even gave me heads up through an App called Tooth Fairy Camera so that I’d know when she was stopping by so that I could get a little video clip of her to share with Quinn, which she just loved! Despite still coming to grips with my daughter having a milestone that signifies leaving behind babyhood and being a sliver of a step closer to adulthood, this was a memorable experience for us both.


Check out the one minute trailer below about he ooh fairy’s visit. She makes a cameo appearance it the end.

All the best,


From Loose Tooth to Missing Tooth: Mommy Needs a Little Fairy Dust to Deal with This New Milestone

Last Saturday, as my four year old talked, I caught a glimpse of something that didn’t look as it once did. “Open your mouth, honey,” I instructed my daughter. My facial expression said it all as Quinn asked, “What’s wrong with my mouth, Mommy?” Her little bottom tooth shifted, and there was a wider space between it and the tooth next to it. “I think you might have a loose tooth,” I told her. After washing my hands and then examining the tooth much closer, my suspicion was correct, and I was filled with angst.

Of course, Quinn losing her first tooth is imminent, but I just thought I had more time. It just so happened that she had a dental appointment this past Monday, and her dentist confirmed that she was about a year early with losing her first tooth. I then thought about when I lost my first tooth, and I was around her age as well, so the dentist said that losing teeth early can be hereditary.

I wondered how much time I had before her tooth would fall out and if it would fall out on its own or if I’d need to help it along. Could she possibly swallow it?  Then I started to think about what the loose tooth represents. One of the earliest signs of adulthood: an adult tooth coming in soon. Yikes! Quinn could sense that I was not totally happy about her losing her first tooth as asked why I was upset to which I responded, “You’re not my baby girl anymore.”

How is it that I was so excited when my little girl got her first two teeth at five months, but now I’m filled with anxiety? This major milestone makes me wonder. As she continues to mature, become her own person and learn about the world, am I doing all that I can to support her and leave a good imprint on her well into adulthood?

Today, while Quinn was having daddy and daughter time, I got a call with her on the other line, “Guess what, Mommy!” I lost my tooth! It came out a Red Robin!”  Even though  I am still struggling with this milestone a little ahead of schedule, I am happy that Quinn was excited. For her, the loose tooth represents being a big girl and getting a visit from the tooth fairy. For me, it represents many more emotional milestones to come. I just hope that I’m ready.

All the best,