Mommy’s Baby Steps: 200 Posts & Counting…

2016-07-27 12.14.48I’ve always enjoyed writing as a way to not only express myself but to travel on my journey of life. Though I still have much further to go on the journey of motherhood, I’m so excited that this is my 200th blog post on Mommy’s Baby Steps.

As the old sayings go, “Time flies…” and “They grow so quickly within a blink of an eye.” My three year old daughter has taught me so much about myself in such a short period of time. Revisiting some of the early blog posts leaves me in awe with how much we both have grown and developed. I’m truly looking forward to continuing our lifelong journey together and sharing our experiences together as we both continue to learn and grown from one another.

Here’s to the next 200 posts and beyond!

All the best,


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