Countdown to Preschool: Just a Month Away

For a little over three years, my husband and I have both been blessed to have flexible work schedules so that we can work alternate schedules during the weekdays to care for our daughter. While we’ve both enjoyed being home with her and being able to watch her grow and reach many milestones firsthand, the time has come for Quinn to start preschool so that she may not only have the experience of a school setting but so that she can develop friendships with other children her age. Quinn will often ask, “When will I start school?” or say, “I can’t wait to go to school and have friends,” so I am confident that she will be ready next month around this time. I’m just hoping that I’m ready. For now, we’re enjoying this last month we have together with some fun-filled outings and mommy and daughter time together.

All the best,


2016-08-03 14.34.47

Quinn’s Stylish, Pouty Smile, As She Calls It


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