Picture It: Through the Eyes of a Three Year Old

2016-08-03 07.45.38

“I’m taking your picture, Mommy!” my three year old informs me. She loves taking pictures or videos with my iPod, especially of her father and me. A few months ago at the end of the spring semester, I did a post on how one of her photos revealed how consumed I was with marking papers and tying up loose ends with limited time for playing and how I was looking forward to having more free time with her.

This time, she caught me preparing a salad for my lunch shortly after we ate breakfast. While it may seem random, it displays how children are always watching even when we may not notice it or think they are. Right now, Quinn is going through a phase where she doesn’t want to any veggies. My hope is that the more she sees me making healthy choices the more she will be willing to follow my example in the future. Nothing is “picture perfect,” but I picture myself doing the best I can do to set a good example for my little girl.

All the best,


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