Mommy’s Monday Moments: Happy 4th of July!

2016-07-04 16.52.14“Look, my shirt has a flag on it! What does it say, Mommy?” my three year old inquired. “America!” I responded. She then asked, “What’s America?” “America is where we live: The United States of America,” I told her. With an critical look she informed me, “We don’t live in America. We live in our home.” I explained to her, “Yes, our home is in America.” “Oh, our home is in America. Okay!” she said as I envisioned the lightbulb laminating over her head.

My little girl is very familiar with the American flag and the colors red, white and blue, so I took it for granted that she knew that we live in America. It was a wonderful opportunity to provide her with a little history lesson on why we celebrate the 4th of July and what the United States of America represents. It’s much more than cookouts, fireworks and fun at the beach; it’s the land of the free where the opportunities are endless for my little girl.

Happy 4th of July to you and yours!

All the best,


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