Treasuring Life, Moments & Positivity by Accident with My Daughter

It happened within a few seconds. Yesterday, a car speeding down the highway hit my car and kept going. With my six year old in the back seat, I was shocked, flustered and upset but at the same time grateful, grateful that we were okay and that I was able to handle our car and not lose control. Quinn immediately focused on the positive saying, “Maybe we can catch them. Maybe there’s no major damage.” She even wondered if it was a male or female driver based on how reckless they were. Luckily, we have a dashboard camera, Garmin Speak, (I highly recommend having a dashboard camera) which caught the entire accident along with the driver’s license plate because as residents right outside of Philadelphia coming from Delaware, and I was a bit shaken and really just wanted to get home.

As I contemplated on the drive home, I thought about how our lives could have changed within seconds if the hit was a more serious accident. I thought about how we could have potentially hit another car if we were hit hard enough to be forced into another lane or a car in close proximity.

But rather than focus on the negative or allowing this incident to set the tone for 2020, I’m rejoicing in knowing how important it is to not only treasure life but the moments we have with our loved ones. Though my car has some cosmetic damage, I am so grateful that my daughter and I walked away with no scratches just treasuring life, moments, family and friends as we move forward in 2020.

All the best,


Happy to See 2020, a New Year, with My Family, Especially My Little Girl

The crowd was immense, and the noise horns became deafening as we awaited that magical moment: the countdown to the new year. Well, actually, it was the countdown to noon, a kid-friendly celebration at the Franklin Institute to celebrate the ending of one year and beginning of another. My daughter and nieces were excited and ready with their horns as the timer approached zero, and the children and adults alike erupted with cheers, more horn blowing and even a huge nitrous oxide cloud (It is a fun science museum) making its way towards the entire crowd to top off the celebration.

In previous years, we’ve done the countdown til noon at the Please Touch Museum as a family, but what made this year extra special was not just that we were at a different location or that we even got selected to be interviewed for the news, but that last year we were at home still nursing Quinn back to health after she was hospitalized for nearly a week during the Christmas holiday, and yesterday was such a sharp contrast and treat to see that beautiful smile on her face and happiness in her voice as she shared what she hopes the new year will bring.

With this new year, I’m sure many people will reference the 20/20 analogy of 2020 in hopes of “seeing” life more clearly. Though I’m always evolving and learning, I truly am grateful for the vision and growth I’ve experienced as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and just a person. Though she’s only six, I attribute a great deal of my growth to my daughter.

Here’s to family, friends and many blessings in 2020 and the years to come!

All the best,


Mesmerizing Moments at the Philadelphia Zoo’s Luminature

The weather was perfect, and the view was absolutely mesmerizing with colors from just about every spectrum in the rainbow. Though my daughter and I, along with my friend and her daughter, were at the Philadelphia Zoo, we were magically transported into a spectacular world of lights reminiscent of scenes from the movie Avatar: Luminature!

Immediately upon entering the gates, I kept stopping every few feet to take pictures and admire the beautiful scenes while the girls were eager to get to the next light display. My six year old said, “You’re walking so slow, Mommy! You never walk that slow!” I couldn’t help myself. The lights had me totally captivated as though I was in a trance. Seeing the lights and displays, hearing the background music and the giggles from the girls and feeling the joy in the atmosphere truly touched my spirit.

It made me think about the power of light and the occasional necessity for darkness. In order to fully enjoy and see the beautiful lights, it needed to be dark. Then we could fully appreciate the illuminated pathways, trees and displays as we navigated through the zoo. Sometimes we may have dark moments in life, but a little light can give us a glimmer hope.

When I look at my daughter, I see her as a beautiful light. She often shines bright, especially when I may be experiencing a dark moment. While admiring the light, any darkness I was experiencing becomes a distant memory.

If you’re looking for a fun, beautifully captivating activity to do and live near Philadelphia, I strongly suggest Luminature which runs through January 5th!

All the best,


On Christmas Day, My Daughter Gave to Me…A Mesmerizing Smile and Eyes that lit up the room like a Christmas Tree!

On Christmas Day, My Daughter Gave to Me…A Mesmerizing Smile and Eyes that lit up the room like a Christmas Tree!

My six year old is her mother’s daughter. By 4am she was up, ready and excited to come downstairs to see what she got for Christmas from Santa, her dad and me. She opened the gifts and excitedly said thanked us. Though she repeatedly said, “I’m so happy,” she didn’t have to say a word because the big smile on her face and the way her eyes lit up said it all. Though I’m on just about four hours sleep and a bit tired, her excitement will carry me throughout the rest of the day.

Merry Christmas To You and Your Family!

All the best,


On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, My Daughter Gave to Me…Sweet Family Time in Hersheypark

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, My Daughter Gave to Me…Sweet Family Time in Hersheypark!

Yesterday, my daughter and I had a wonderful time at one of the sweetest places on earth: Hersheypark! Though we’ve been there before, this was our first time going during the Christmas season. My sister and niece joined us, and we all had a wonderful time. It wasn’t overly crowded, it was unseasonably warm, and we got to see Santa’s reindeer, including Rudolph, caught a Christmas show, enjoyed some treats, hot cocoa and the beautiful lights everywhere.

Based on the fun we had, this just might become a new tradition for us each year. Today, I’ll have to keep it short so that my daughter and I can have some Christmas Eve fun! 😉

All the best,


On the Eleventh Day of Christmas, My Daughter Gave to Me…Time, Energy and Wisdom Building a Gingerbread Castle

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas, My Daughter Gave to Me…Time, Energy and Wisdom Building a Gingerbread Castle.

My daughter and I love building gingerbread houses for the holiday, but last year she was very ill, so we didn’t get the chance. As we sat down to get started this year with the Super Mario Brothers Castle she selected, I realized that I forgot one major step. As Quinn read the instructions, she paused and then said, “Mommy, after applying the icing and putting the sides together, it has to sit for two to three hours.”

At first, I thought she was going to be discouraged and become disinterested, but my six year old didn’t mind waiting. In fact, she wisely said, “We want the structure to be strong so it doesn’t fall apart when we’re decorating it. We can find something else to do while we’re waiting.”

After time passed, she consulted the picture on the box and determined how she wanted her castle to look. At first, she copied it as it was on the box, but then she said, “You know what, I can use certain ideas from the picture and do other decorations the way I want.” I told her that was a great idea.

My job was to add gumdrops around the door, but I quickly noticed that the amount included in the package was far less than what was displayed in the picture. Quinn reassured me, “You know sometimes they make it seem like it’s more just to get you to buy it. They do that on menus and commercials too when they make food look really good, but when you order it, it doesn’t look as good. We can still make our gingerbread castle look nice with the gumdrops we have!”

Once we completed the castle and took a few pictures, Quinn smiled and said, “I sure would like to see how it tastes!” We both thought it was a great treat.

Who would have thought there would be so many teachable moments from building a gingerbread house for the holidays? Who would have thought my daughter would be the one sharing lessons with me?!

All the best,


On the Tenth Day of Christmas, My Daughter Gave to Me…Perfect Family Fun at Sesame Place

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, My Daughter Gave to Me…Perfect Family Fun at Sesame Place.

For the past few years, one of our outings for fun during the holiday season is going to Sesame Place. Usually, my husband and I’d take my daughter alone, but this year, I thought it would be even more fun if Quinn went with her cousins, and boy was I right!

Though it was a cold day and we were all bundled up trying to keep warm, it was a wonderful time. We had brunch with the Sesame Place characters indoors at the Dine with Elmo and Friends event and got to meet and take a pictures with them as well as Santa. We also saw a few Christmas shows featuring the Sesame Place characters, like Elmo, Abby, Grover and Cookie Monster.

A nice bonus was an area transformed from one of the summertime water attractions, was the “Land of Misfits” where we met Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Clarice, Sam the Snowman and even Bumble, the abominable snow monster.

On the car ride home, when I asked Quinn what she enjoyed about the very furry Christmas at Sesame Place, she quickly responded, “Being with Skye and Ellie,” her cousins. I agree! Our time together was perfect!

All the best,