My Baby is Officially Gone! Last Tooth Cashed in by the Tooth Fairy

Yesterday, while eating dinner it happened. My daughter’s last baby tooth came out while she was eating a pineapple. She just turned nine in May and already a couple of years ahead of the average kid when it comes to losing teeth. Then again, she was ahead of the average kid with getting her first baby teeth.

I remember being so excited when I saw those two little teeth peeking through those baby gums. I was even joyful when Quinn lost her first tooth just about four years later.

But this milestone is much different. Yes, she’s still technically a child for nine more years, but her teeth confirm that adulthood will be here before I know it. With this in mind, I will continue to cherish the moments we have together and just watch in awe as she continues to mature and flourish into a young lady.

All the best,