Terrific Toy Tuesday: Mommy’s Little Princess

2017-05-03 18.19.04“I look just like Cinderella, Mommy!” my little girl exclaimed as she twirled around in her new dress-up outfit holding her Cinderella doll she also just received for her birthday. In the past my daughter wanted to dress up as a chef, hair stylist, doctor and even an astronaut, but she was equally happy to dress up as a Disney princess for the first time.

Interestingly, some parents may frown upon the idea of their daughter playing with a Disney princess and may critique the “happily ever after” stories in a harsh manner because they feel that most of the stories demonstrate weak female characters who rely on men to save them. While there may be some validity to this, I say let kids be kids. I think we sometimes don’t give our children enough credit when it comes to thinking for themselves and not believing that every aspect of a fairytale is real or ideal.

There once was a time when there was no diversity nor multiculturalism when it came to Disney Princesses, but today they have come so far. With this in mind, some parents believe their child should only play with dolls that look like them . Even though I understand this line of thinking, I do not necessarily agree with it. Whatever doll my daughter wishes to play with, regardless of color, is absolutely fine with me, and she is still at that age where she has a certain level of innocence where she does not focus on color but just on the interactions and fun she has.

Whether it be a princess or doctor outfit, a Cinderella doll or Doc Mcstuffins, imaginative play is a wonderful way to engage learning while having fun! I’m glad Quinn loves her new dress-up outfit and doll.

All the best,