Being Thankful is In Order: Family, Fun & My Little One

2016-11-27-20-00-39“Look what I made!” my little girl exclaimed. It was a cute paper bag turkey. Upon arriving home, I noticed the red heart label that read, “What I am thankful for.” Each colorful feather had a name. First was Grover, Quinn’s best Sesame Street friend who’s been with her through thick and thin. I thought to myself, “Okay, fair enough.” The next feather said, “My Daddy.” But of course her daddy would follow.  Then, to my surprise, third said, “Mickey Mouse.” Mickey Mouse, I thought. Really, Mickey Mouse is next? I tried to keep a big smile on my face as my three year old watched my expression when I saw that the very final feather, said, “My Mommy.”

Of course, me being the critical thinker and over analyzer that I am, I wondered if the teacher put the feathers in the order Quinn stated what she was thankful for, or if it was just random. I wanted to ask, but my husband tried to reassure me that our daughter is not more thankful for Mickey Mouse than she is for me. So he asked her, “What are you thankful for, Quinn?” She quickly responded, “Mommy, Daddy, Grover, Nana, Kenzie, Auntie…” She named quite a few more of our family members and her friends. “Whew, that was a close one!” I thought.

Then, on Thanksgiving, my niece asked Quinn what she is thankful for, and she said, “Mommy, because she always plays with me and has fun with me.” That really made my day and melted my heart. I know Thanksgiving was just a few days ago, but not a day goes by that I am not thankful for the bond that I have with my little girl and how much we are both growing together.

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One of My Toddler’s Favorite Activities

Quinn Using her "My Activity Calendar"

Quinn Using her “My Daily Calendar”

“We go to Sesame Place on Saturday! We go tomorrow!” my two year old giddily tells her older cousin. Her cousin then came to me, “Auntie, are you really going to Sesame Place tomorrow?” I smiled with pleasure and said, “Yes, Quinn’s right! We’re going tomorrow.” My smile was in part because of the joy Quinn gets from going to Sesame Place but also because the resource I purchased for her a little over a month ago to further grasp the concept of time, days of the week, seasons, etc. is really working.

Since Quinn is not in day school, she does not have circle time where the teacher usually goes over the day of the week, weather, activities of the day, and so on. So I knew I needed to do something so that my little girl would be on target, not just for school but so that she can have the vocabulary to further articulate herself. As soon as we enter her playroom, she’ll immediately runs over to the her “My Daily Calendar”board, created by Melissa and Doug. One section she loves is the face to indicate her mood. Sometimes she will put the happy face in the board and say, “Today, I’m happy.” Or she will put on the face that has a tongue sticking out and say, “Today, I feel silly!” Sliding the arrow up and down to indicate the temperature is another task she enjoys, and of course going over our activities for the day is another. This section also forces me to follow through with our activities. For example, if I say we are going to the park and display it under activities, I better make sure we get to the park because I’ll never hear the end of it. “We go to park, today! It’s Wednesday. We go to the park!” Quinn says until we get there. The only issue I have with the activity board is that I did not purchase it sooner through Amazon. If you are looking for a way to not only teach your child the days of the week, month, to discuss his or her feelings, the weather, etc., this is perfect!
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Here’s a video of Quinn using her “My Daily Calendar.”