What Do You Call a Fairy & and Mermaid? Mommy and Daughter Halloween Fun!

Halloween is such a fun time of year not just for my daughter but for me too. What makes it extra fun is the strengthening of our mommy/daughter bond. Since she was two, she began picking out a costume not just for herself but for me too. She’s been Doc McStuffins, and I’ve been Lambie. When she was three, she was an astronaut, and I was her rocket. Last year, she was Snow White, and I was the Evil Queen. This year, she decided to be a fairy and asked me to be a mermaid with a similar color scheme: purple as her favorite color and blue as my favorite color. I thought to myself, what a great idea! She’s already thinking about next year wanting to be a princess so that I can be her unicorn, and I love it!

I feel like dressing up together, going to parties, special events and trick or treating brings out the best in us both and brings us closer together. Sometimes, life just gets so hectic, and work even gets stressful, so I thank my daughter for allowing me to just have fun and enjoy life as different characters. Here’s to a happy fun-filled Halloween. Time with my daughter is the ultimate treat!

Autumn Fun with My Little One (Part Seven) Please Touch Museum Monster Mash

2015-10-24 21.46.51All week long, I’ve been posting entries on the autumn fun my two year old daughter and I have been having. Unfortunately, yesterday, I failed to post an entry, but it was for a good reason. Quinn, her daddy and I were out partying with her little friend Arya and her parents and having so much fun at the Please Touch Museum’s annual Halloween Monster Mash Bash. When we came home, the bed was calling my name.

Last year, we attended the event and had a great time, but now that she understands the concept of Halloween and was excited about getting dressed up, we had an even better time. As members of the Please Touch Museum, we we granted entry one hour before the general public and able to visit the different food and treat stations. We enjoyed free carousel rides from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm and took silly pictures in the photo booth as part of our ticket purchase of $15 per person.

In addition to Quinn visiting the different exhibits and activity rooms, such as the supermarket and hospital, we saw a puppet show and were able to snag seats in the front row of the packed auditorium. Quinn actively participated when the puppeteer asked questions of the audience and even asked if she could see the show again. But there was so much more to do, so we didn’t make our way back to the show.

Then, we hit the dance floor where Clifford the Big Red Dog was hanging out, along with many other children with their families, Quinn and her friend Arya immediately began to dance displaying their fancy footwork!

Though we were there for four hours, not counting the time we waited in line to gain entry, the time really flew by, and Quinn was not ready to leave. But my husband jokingly said that I looked like I was having more fun than Quinn. He’s probably right! Seeing the smile on Quinn’s face and hearing her say, “I’m having fun, Mommy!” without me asking her made me feel so good.

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The doctor is in!

The doctor is in!

2015-10-24 19.09.30-1

Fun on the Carousel

2015-10-24 18.26.05

Quinn dancing with Clifford