Mommy’s Monday Moments: I Miss Being Missed

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My Little Girl Having Fun Without Me at IHOP

Last week, I posted a blog entry about missing my daughter because I’d be out of town for the majority of the week. When I saw her yesterday after missing her sweet smile for days, my heart melted as she excitedly hugged me. Then, my little girl revealed something; maybe she didn’t miss me as much as I thought she would.

“Guess what Mommy! We went to IHOP!” she exclaimed. We often go to IHOP on Fridays as a family, and it doesn’t hurt that kids eat free. What’s funny is that whenever we drive near IHOP, Quinn will say, “I want to go to IHOP, but we can’t go without Daddy! We’ll have to wait until he gets home from work.” Since I was out of town, they went without me. I couldn’t believe it! My husband even mentioned that the servers inquired about my whereabouts. He sent me a picture of Quinn with her giddy smile so excited to eat her pancakes. She told me that they went Target, our favorite shopping spot, and said, “I had the best day ever with Daddy!”

Of course, I’m happy that my husband and Quinn are so close and that they had a great time together to bond even further. Though my husband is home with her on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I must admit that I thought she would miss me more and constantly ask about me. My husband told me that she asked a few times to see me on the video (Skype and FaceTime ), but for the most part, she was fine. Am I wrong for wanting her to miss me a little more?

All the best,



Thanks to My Little Girl, Everything’s Sunny This Sunday

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I Just Love Looking at that Sweet Face!

This past week has been a bit of a struggle being away from my daughter four out of seven days. I posted entries about missing her but also about how sometimes we need time apart to grow closer together. It was wonderful getting to see her through FaceTime and Nest (formally drop cam) a few times, and it pleased me to see her face light up when she heard my voice and saw my face.

She was so excited to see me this Sunday morning. We had a relaxing day playing Candy Land, dancing around being silly and just sitting there while she played “hairstylist” and brushed my hair. Being away from her for that short duration of time makes me so grateful for moments like this with my sweet little girl.

All the best,


Mommy’s Monday Moments: Missing My Little Girl

2016-03-11 14.15.41“Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is one of those cliché phrases people utter to soothe others or themselves when they are away from their loved ones. Even though there’s some validity to this phrase, it unfortunately is not soothing me as I cope with being away from my daughter throughout the course of this week. Shortly, I’ll be traveling a little over two hours away to Harrisburg, PA for a work-related function and will miss our daily bedtime routine of me hugging her, kissing her and telling her I love her and she doing the same to me. Then I’ll be traveling to the Washington, DC area this Thursday through Saturday and will not see her in person until Sunday.  Thank goodness for FaceTime, Skype and Nest.

We had some fun earlier today doing activities, and I’m going to make sure we enjoy each other tomorrow when I get home from work and Wednesday when we have the entire day together. Yes, I’m sure we can both benefit from having time apart to miss each other and recharge, but I truly do treasure our time together, and it’s moments like this when I appreciate the bond we have even more.

All the best,