Mommy’s “Moment” Monday

2016-01-06 18.37.21

Quinn Letting Me Know That She Knows How to Hold a Pocketbook

With each passing day, my little girl reminds me that she’s not so little anymore. Though she’s only two and a half, she often utters the phrase, “I can do it myself, Mommy! I don’t need help!” Of course, I’m so proud of her as she puts on her shoes, pushes up her sleeves to wash her hands or carries her dish to the sink, but it’s times like this when I need a “mommy moment.” I’m conflicted because I want my little girl to need me, but I also want her to be independent and willing to try tasks on her own. What’s interesting is the only instances when she will ask for help is if she thinks she cannot do something perfectly.

Just today, she was hesitant to draw her own happy face because she could not draw, according to her, a “good” circle. Then I found myself convincing Quinn that her circle and face did not have to be perfect and that she did a great job. I must admit, however, that I too am the perfectionist and have been since I can remember. I know what it’s like to put too much pressure on myself to be perfect or to stress over not making mistakes, and I certainly don’t want this type of pressure for Quinn. But as I am composing this post, I know that I am struggling with wanting to be the “perfect” parent who is there when my daughter needs me but able  back off and let her be independent and learn on her own.

This is my mommy moment this Monday, but I have a feeling this moment will be ongoing for years to come. Am I alone in this? I hope not.

All the best,


Mommy’s “Must Have” Monday (Spanish for Kids)

2015-11-09 08.54.58

Quinn Watching the Spanish DVD

As a parent, I want the best for my daughter. I want her to be well-rounded and to have fun learning. I also want her to embrace diversity and be versatile as an adult. English is my first language, so I was looking for a resource to assist me with teaching my daughter Spanish when she was just about a year old, I purchased a Spanish for Kids: Early Language Learning System through Amazon. Though some people may scoff at the hefty price of $64.99, it comes with four DVD’s, a music CD, a book, flashcards, games and apps. When I first opened the package, I was expecting it to have a better presentation for the money, but once I got beyond judging it by its cover and began playing the DVD’s and following up with the flashcards with my little girl, we both were hooked. The DVD’s are entirely in Spanish, but Quinn knows what is going on from the context clues.

File Feb 01, 7 42 18 PM

Quinn Showing off Her Spanish Skills

Now, it is a year and a half later, and I am very impressed with my daughter’s Spanish vocabulary. While she does not always pronounce the words correctly, she can identify several animals, body parts, household items, colors and numbers and loves singing along with some of the songs, especially “Caminemos de puntitas.” I actually think this would be an excellent resource for a teenager or even an adult who wants to learn Spanish. This is definitely one of mommy’s must-haves!

All the best,


Here’s a little video of Quinn displaying her skills: