Time for a check-up! My Daughter’s first visit to the dentist

2015-11-16 09.41.19

Quinn showing the dentist how to brush the dinosaur’s teeth

Though it is not uncommon for children and even adults to fear the dentist, I’ve always looked forward to my appointments, especially when I was younger and received a prize for doing a good job brushing my teeth. However, since my daughter turned one and had almost all of her teeth except the back molars, I prolonged the inevitable: her first dental appointment. As a result of her experiences with doctor’s visits which usually involved vaccinations, Quinn would often become quite distraught when she would see the doctor headed her way, regardless of how friendly he was. Now that my little one’s back molars came in months ago, I knew I had to make an appointment and just endure the crying and fearful look on her face.

Actually our appointment was last week went extremely well. She followed all of the instructions by the dentist and opened her mouth wide, said “ah,” smiled, displaying all of her teeth and even showed her how to brush teeth. I was very impressed. Apparently, I was more fearful than Quinn was because after her appointment she told me, “Mommy, I love going to the Dentist! Can we come back tomorrow?” Every day, Quinn manages to surprise me. She really is growing up so quickly. I am hopeful that she will continue to love going to the dentist.

Al the best,