P is for Playground: Learning from a Toddler’s Perspective

P is for Playground

P is for Playground

What child does not like to go to the playground? It’s a great place to run, jump, play and have fun, but it’s so much more than that. The playground is a place for children to explore, learn something new and even reinforce what they have already learned. Not too long ago, my two year old daughter and I were at the park, and she pointed to an area on the jungle Gym, and said, “P!” It took me a few seconds to realize that she was pointing to what appeared to be the letter “P,” and I thought to myself, ” How observant is she!” While my little girl knows all of her letters and enjoys pointing them out throughout the course of the day, this was the first time she pointed to an object that resembled a letter and identified it as such. Though I cannot physically see the synapses firing in her brain as she makes these connections, I just love watching her mind at work as she makes sense of the world and realizes that the opportunity to learn is all around her.

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