Can’t Get Enough of Dr. Seuss!

2017-03-01-09-01-32“The Cat in the Hat is coming to my school tomorrow! Right, Mommy?” my little girl excitedly says. “That’s right,” I say with a bit of a raspy voice. I’ve been a bit under the weather all this week, but I couldn’t let the weekend come and go without acknowledging how much Dr. Seuss has impacted not just my daughter’s life but mine too. Quinn was so excited to wear her special cat in the hat outfit this past Wednesday and was eager to tell me about meeting the Cat in the Hat and all of the fun Dr. Seuss activities they did and books they read at her school. “Cat in the Hat! That rhymes, Mommy!” my three year old informs me. Then she insisted on coming up with her own rhymes just like Dr. Seuss, who was born on March 2, 1904, over 100 years before my little girl was born. It’s amazing how his gift lives on and still brings joy to so many children and adults alike. I still love Green Eggs and Ham and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and my daughter does too. Here’s to igniting that love of reading within my daughter while reading more and more books from the Dr. Seuss collection and beyond.

All the best,


All the best


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