The Amusement of Childhood: It’s Some Ride, Especially for Adults!

“You want me to hold your hand so that you’re not scared, Mommy?” my six year old asked as we were high in the sky with the guitar ride swinging us around. I quickly said, “Yes!” and reached out for her little hand, closing my eyes waiting for the ride to come to an end.

Yesterday, we went to Trimpers Amusement Park in Ocean City, Maryland and to Jolly Rogers today, and my little girl was eager to get in every ride, especially the ones she wasn’t tall enough for last year. From roller coasters, to the swings, to the tea cups, to a ride called the “Freak Out,” Quinn had no fear and was oftentimes one of the youngest kids in the ride. I’m not sure if I was as brave as her at six years old, but I certainly am not as an adult when it comes to getting on many of those rides.

Thank goodness her dad was willing to be her ride buddy allowing me to get on the easy ones like the carousel and Ferris wheel. In an effort to show her that I can be brave, I got on the “Rock Star” and got to practice some piercing screams! I thought it was so sweet and empathetic of her to suggest holding my hand so that I wouldn’t be scared.

It made me think, maybe childhood isn’t as scary as we adults might think after all. Perhaps it’s us adults who sometimes focus on the scary, fast rides of life that come with adulthood thereby projecting it onto our children in hopes of protecting them because of our own life experiences and lost ability to be fearless. Interestingly, there are times when I am absolutely amused by how my daughter sparks something in me to be fearless and feel like a child again by simply going along for the ride as a passenger observing her enjoy and live out her childhood.

All the best,


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