The Beauty of a Perfect Beach Day Before the End of Summer Break

In just two days, I’ll be going back to work after a great summer break doing activities with my daughter. So I decided, why don’t we take a trip to the beach one more time before it’s back to work and school. My niece was happy to join us as well.

The weather forecast changed quite a bit with a hurricane coming up the coast over the weekend, so we had our fingers crossed that the rain would move out for us to have some fun. Just like magic, the rain stopped and the sun even made an appearance once we got on the beach.

I’m not sure if it’s because this may be our last time coming to the beach before summer ends or the joy from the rain moving out, but our smiles were bigger, as were the waves, and our laughter was louder. There was something so beautiful about the beach today! It certainly was spending it with my daughter and niece too.

All the best,


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