Best Moments with Best Friends: My Daughter & Our Dog

When I saw my eight year old daughter and one and a half year old dog walking together, I couldn’t help but snap their picture and take a little video of them both running towards me. Yes, Quinn has walked Zack by the leash before, but lately, she’s shown a greater interest in helping out with him, and he most certainly enjoys his big sis.

These two are peas in a pod and love each other, but sometimes they squabble like siblings when Quinn sits in his bed or Zack tries to steal her blanket or leftover crumbs from the table after breakfast or dinner.

But something else I see is how they both can bring out the best in each other. Zack is protective over Quinn and is always happy to see her. Quinn has matured more each day and regularly helps to take care of her little bro. Seeing these two grow up together really puts a smile on my face.

All the best,


One Amazing Girl Plus One Sweet Pup Equals Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day is a phrase some people may utter to a significant other, but for me, especially since my daughter was born, I look forward to displaying love to all of my family and friends, especially my seven year old. This is our puppy’s first Valentine’s Day, and we both were excited to share some extra love with him too. Though being surprised by Quinn with Reeses’s Cups, one of my favorite candies, made me happy, there’s nothing like getting big hug kisses from my daughter and kisses and snuggles from our puppy Zack to put a huge smile on my face. Of course, my husband is my valentine as well, but those two have a special place in my heart. I am grateful for the love I receive from the both of them.

All the best,


On the Fourth Day of Christmas, My Daughter Gave to Me, Some Snowy Fun with Our Puppy!

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, My Daughter Gave to Me, Some Snowy Fun with Our Puppy! There’s something magical about experiencing snow for the first time. Actually, there’s something magical about witnessing a kid or a cute puppy experience snow for the first time. Though it’s not quite winter, my family and I absolutely love the snow. So this is a wonderful early Christmas gift. Though there isn’t enough to build a snowman quite yet, my seven year old is ready, and I am too!

We’re expecting anywhere from six to ten inches through early tomorrow, which is perfect for sledding, some snow ball fight fun and building a snowman. While there’s so much doom and gloom with Covid restrictions, one of the benefits is that we don’t have anywhere to go except to go out and play in the snow! As the snow covered his little hat, he just looked around and took it the beautiful sight of the falling snow. We’re not quite sure how our six month old toy poodle will do with a lot of snow, but he seems to just be curious right now. We can’t wait to have some fun and see his adorable little paw prints in the snow.

All the best,


Dog Tired but Loving Being a Mom and New Puppy Mom

So, I’m going into my second week of being a puppy mom, and I definitely have my hands full. Prepping meals for Quinn and Zack, tending to both of their needs and carving out a little time for myself has been tricky this week. Thank goodness for my seven year old who’s been helping me along the way. Just like a new born baby, Zack, woke up a couple of times throughout the course of the night to “go potty” leaving this puppy mom with four or five hours sleep.

Luckily, for the past few days he’s been sleeping through the night, possibly because he’s starting to feel more comfortable, we’ve been playing with him even more and running him up and down the block with him for a little while after he’s “gone potty,” which he seems to really enjoy.

Though he’s not a human, I love seeing how happy Quinn is with her puppy brother. I have a feeling that they are going to learn so much from each other, and I’ll continue learning so much from the both of them as well.

Taking Baby Steps as a New Puppy Mommy with the Help of My Sweet Little Girl

Welcoming Zack the Toy Poodle to Our Family

Motherhood is full of countless emotional roller coaster rides, trial and error, hope, happiness and even concern along with rewarding moments. As I prepared for the the arrival of our new addition this Friday, the range of emotions I experienced with my daughter, who’s now seven, all came rushing back. But this time, there’s one major difference. Our new addition is a puppy!

Zack is an eleven week old toy poodle who’s just too cute for words. But this is our family’s first time having a puppy or dog, for that matter. I never had one as a child, nor had my husband, so this is completely new. While I’m excited, I am nervous too because I want to be a good “puppy mom.”

I’ve done tons of reading, watched several a videos from the leading experts and probably over-purchased toys, food, treats, grooming items, you name it, to make sure Zack has a smooth transition and loves his “fur ever” family.

Something that definitely helps me as I take baby steps as a “puppy mom” is the help from Quinn, my sweet little girl. She too has read through her puppy training book, watched videos, been loving towards Zack and wants to help take him out to go potty and to get his food ready.

We’re only two and a half days in to having Zack join our family, but having him here and seeing how happy my daughter is and how well she interacts with him lets me know that I’ll have her hand to hold as I take on the journey as a puppy mommy.

All the best,