Best Moments with Best Friends: My Daughter & Our Dog

When I saw my eight year old daughter and one and a half year old dog walking together, I couldn’t help but snap their picture and take a little video of them both running towards me. Yes, Quinn has walked Zack by the leash before, but lately, she’s shown a greater interest in helping out with him, and he most certainly enjoys his big sis.

These two are peas in a pod and love each other, but sometimes they squabble like siblings when Quinn sits in his bed or Zack tries to steal her blanket or leftover crumbs from the table after breakfast or dinner.

But something else I see is how they both can bring out the best in each other. Zack is protective over Quinn and is always happy to see her. Quinn has matured more each day and regularly helps to take care of her little bro. Seeing these two grow up together really puts a smile on my face.

All the best,


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