On the Second Day of Christmas, My Daughter Gave to me… A New Candy Theme for Our Christmas Tree

On the Second Day of Christmas, My Daughter Gave to me…a new candy theme for our Christmas tree. For the past few years, our Christmas tree theme has been including pink, purple and blue. But this year, my eight year old and I decided to do something new while still incorporating some of our existing ornaments.

We both gave it some thought, and while at Hershey Park with my sister and niece having fun at their holiday events, we simultaneously thought of doing a sweet treat theme. Many of our new ornaments actually came from Hershey Park’s Christmas store, and they all looked so delectable as we put them in the treat.

Quinn was excited to hang up the cookies, cupcakes, cotton candy and ice cream cones. “Imagine if these were all real!” she exclaimed as she hung the oversized gum drop. I really love our new theme and do kind of wish some of the treats were real.

All the best,


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