Last Day of School but Many More Days of Tending to the Garden



Garden for the children: the German meaning of the word kindergarten. This year, my daughter was one of many in that lovely garden. It was the perfect environment to allow her to blossom with a wealth of knowledge, flourish by socializing amongst the other beautiful children while under the tutelage of wonderful teachers who know exactly what it takes to tend to many children burgeoning all at once. 

Quinn has learned and grown much in that magical garden in such a short duration of time. She’s like a little book worm excited to read stacks of books everyday, many on her own. She’s a busy bee, constantly expanding her vocabulary and sharing their meanings. She’s a little scientist exploring the different subjects often eager to share what she’s learned. She’s a caterpillar who went through the metamorphosis process right before my eyes in a multitude of ways. Not only is she a little taller and lost many baby teeth and grew big girl teeth, but she’s matured so much in just just about eight months.

Though her days of kindergarten may be over, I will make sure that I’m doing my part to tend to her growth and development as she continues her education and beyond!

All the best,


Reading is Within Sight! Learning with My Little Girl

Who hasn’t heard the adage “knowledge is power” or “reading is fundamental?” Now, something that is truly powerful is observing a child obtain knowledge through learning and reading. Since my daughter was one day old, my husband and I have been reading to her. Five years later, her eyes still light up, and she displays a smile as she picks out a book for us to read together. Since she began talking, she’s always been inquisitive and has expressed an interest in learning to read on her own, so when my mother provided me with information about a Reading Program through Temple University, I was eager to enroll Quinn.

The program was five weeks long, and as she learned sight words, like “I, see, can, and,” I learned different techniques to keep her engaged and to help reinforce what she learned in our hour long class. Even though we have ABC Mouse at home, and I could have just used some of the kindergarten preparation books I purchased, I am glad we did the program and am very happy with the progress Quinn made in a short duration of time.

With the first day of kindergarten just a little over a month away, Quinn is not only more than ready but confident.

Off to School: One Down & One to Go!

2016-09-02 09.20.03

Having Fun in My Office Before Class

Last Monday was my first day back, and it was tough leaving my daughter on the days when we would usually be together, but thankfully, we had a transition. My three year old was able to spend time with her nana when I was teaching class and even joined me on Friday as I conducted my children’s literature class since she does not start school until this upcoming Tuesday.

I spent most of today making sure all of her belongings she will take to school have labels with her name on them, selecting and ironing her clothes for the week and packing up snacks for the both of us so that the mornings can go as smooth as possible.

In doing these tasks, the reality is definitely setting in: Quinn is a big girl now and on her way to preschool. I’m so glad that I did practically everything today so that we can just enjoy time together tomorrow on Labor Day. I’m just hoping I can keep it together when she officially starts school on Tuesday, especially since I won’t be able to be there to drop her off since I have early morning classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

All the best,