Off to School: One Down & One to Go!

2016-09-02 09.20.03

Having Fun in My Office Before Class

Last Monday was my first day back, and it was tough leaving my daughter on the days when we would usually be together, but thankfully, we had a transition. My three year old was able to spend time with her nana when I was teaching class and even joined me on Friday as I conducted my children’s literature class since she does not start school until this upcoming Tuesday.

I spent most of today making sure all of her belongings she will take to school have labels with her name on them, selecting and ironing her clothes for the week and packing up snacks for the both of us so that the mornings can go as smooth as possible.

In doing these tasks, the reality is definitely setting in: Quinn is a big girl now and on her way to preschool. I’m so glad that I did practically everything today so that we can just enjoy time together tomorrow on Labor Day. I’m just hoping I can keep it together when she officially starts school on Tuesday, especially since I won’t be able to be there to drop her off since I have early morning classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

All the best,


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