Never Too Cold for a Little Snow Day Fun with My Little Girl

With about six inches of snow, feeling like 10 degrees Fahrenheit, and 20 plus mile per hour gusts, my four year old started experiencing cabin fever around 3 in the afternoon wanting to go outside. Though my husband and I warned her about how cold and windy it was, she persistently begged insisting that she wouldn’t be cold with her snow suit on and would help to clear some of the snow outside.

We all bundled up and braved the elements without the luxury of the sun beaming down to give us a little warmth and spent about a little over an hour outside. After taking care of the pathway, I knew building a full-size snowman would be a bit much with how cold it was, so Quinn and I tried out the SNO-Buddy sculptures I purchased from AC Moore. Regular price just $7 a piece, but I got them buy one get one half off. Though it’s for ages five and up, once I showed my little girl what to do, she made quite a few within minutes. I had fun making some too.

Then, after making about ten Sno-Buddies, the frigid air got the best of me, and I could feel the coldness traveling through my fingertips and needed to go inside for warmth. Quinn and her daddy stayed out a bit longer as she made snow angels and threw a few snowballs. By the time I took off my boots, gloves, coat and snow pants, my little snow bunny was on her way in the house. “I’m cold, but I had a fund time outside,” she said, with her rosy cheeks that lasted well a few hours.

Yes, it was cold, blustery and snowy, but it was worth it to share a memorable moment with my little girl.

All the best,



On the Tenth Day of Christmas, My Daughter Gave to Me, A Great Time Making Snowmen with Her Class

On the tenth day of Christmas, my daughter gave to me, a great time making snowmen with her class. One of the benefits to teaching on the college level is having a winter break. An advantage to having a winter break is having the time to visit my daughter’s school.  I love crafting, so when I came across this cute sock snowman on Pinterest and saw that I already had most of the supplies, I know it was the perfect project for Quinn and her friends.

To streamline the process, I made sure to already have the snowmen (or snow women) ready for the children by purchasing white socks from the dollar tree and using Quinn’s clean socks that were way to small for her now. I filled the socks with rice down the bottom, tied them off with a rubber band and filled to stop with cotton stuffing. Then, I used sticker dots for the eyes and mouth and pom pom balls for the nose and little hat ball.

It was a quick yet fun project that all of the children enjoyed, as did I. Quinn and I even made some snowmen envelopes for their Christmas cards with snowmen stickers. I quickly printed out the pictures of  the class holding up their finished snow people, and enclosed them in the cards as well. We put them in a snowman bag containing holiday lollipops as a special treat for their hard work. I gave my daughter a bag with the same contents inside too. She and many of her friends were happily surprised thanked me for coming in to make snowmen with them.

Something I love about this time of the year is sharing joy and happiness with others. Seeing the smiles on the faces of the children in Quinn’s class and knowing that being there really made my daughter’s day is such an amazing feeling. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

All the best,


Snowy Day with My Little Girl

“Let’s have fun on this snowy day just like Peter,” my daughter insisted as she started to lie down in the snow to make a snow angel. The snowfall this year has been minimal, and she would ask me quite frequently, “When it it going to snow, Mommy?” So my daughter and I were both excited to have enough snow to play in even if it is supposed to be spring next week.

Quinn wanted to make everything from foot prints in the snow to a snow angel, to snow balls to a snow man, just like we read in Ezra Jack Keats’ book Snowy DayI think it’s wonderful that the book inspired her, well inspired us both. Yes, shoveling the heavy snow for a path way and digging out my car may not be much fun, but at least it’s good exercise and leads up to me playing with my soon-to-be four year old in the snow.

To top it off, we came in the house and and enjoyed some tasty hot cocoa. Then Quinn said, “Thank you Mommy for playing with me on this snowy day!” his really put a smile on my face, and I hope his will be a lasting memory for her like it was for me. I’m so happy we got the snowy day we’ve both been longing for, which was a terrific way to close out the winter.

All the best,