Do You Want to Build a Snowman? A Simple Request from My Daughter

The overnight forecast calls for snow and then rain. Still not enough for a snowman, my daughter informed me. A little over a week ago, we got our first snow, but with technology and the kids using Zoom and Google classroom throughout the pandemic, there was no snow day.

While this was a little disappointing for Quinn, she was happy to see her teacher and classmates online and to have enough snow to build a tiny baby snowman after school ended online.

I remember longing for the snow when I was Quinn’s age and wanting to build a huge snowman. While she longs for the same thing decades later, she now has a different and new concern. Will she get an actual snow day if it happens on a school day, or will she still have school online using Google classroom?

This is an instance where I can empathize with her and children who are being robbed of their snow days. I’m hoping that if we do get a lot of snow this year that Quinn doesn’t have to wait until after her Google classroom meeting to build that snowman and is actually granted a snow day.

All the best,


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