Wow! My Baby Loves This Cup

Quinn Wow Cup

Quinn trying out her Wow Cup for the first time after eating her snack

My little girl has been using a sippy cup occasionally since she was four months old, but the big milestone came when she turned one a few weeks ago: no more bottles! On Mother’s Day, we did some window shopping and stumbled upon the “Wow Cup” in Boscov’s “As Seen on TV section.” After reading the label, “from ages one year and up,” I couldn’t resist getting it for Quinn. Oftentimes, we see these infomercials and chuckle at how exaggerated they are and how the product probably doesn’t work, but if you ask me, my husband, my mom and especially Quinn, we’ll tell you the Wow Cup is awesome and left us saying, “Wow, it really works!”

Since Quinn has only drank from sippy cups, some with straws and some without, I was very impressed when I gave her the Wow Cup, and she knew exactly what to do with it. I’m amazed that the company targets mainly older children and makes no mention of how this product is excellent for teaching toddlers how to drink from a cup without messy spillage. Just yesterday, Quinn spent the day with her Nana (my mother), and my mom just raved about the Wow Cup and said that she wishes they were available when I was younger since I was such a “Messy Tessie.” I’m hoping when I go back to Boscov’s that they still have some Wow Cups left where they’re only $10, without the $6.95 shipping and handling fee you’ll incur in ordering it. I just might get one for me too!

All the best,


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