Ready for Your Close-up Baby?

Quinn Ready for Her Close-up

Quinn Ready for Her Close-up

There is a possibility that my 20 month old little girl has had more photos taken of her than the average person does in a lifetime. Yes, I am guilty of being one of those gushing parents who doesn’t want to miss a moment and refuses to let any chance for a photo opportunity pass them by. Actually, for the first year of Quinn’s life, she had an average of five pictures taken a day just to have a record of how quickly she was growing. Within the past couple of months, Quinn has been taking selfies and has become intrigued by the camera. She now likes posing for pictures and will eagerly say, “Cheese!” On some occasions, she will get as close up on the camera as possible to either smile or grab the lens as if she is saying, “No more pictures please!” Is there such a thing as taking too many pictures of the precious little girl you love so much who is constantly growing? I know some people say they do not waste their time taking pictures because they are too busy enjoying the moments, but she’s growing up so quickly, and I just want to capture those moments and enjoy having photos to accompany those fleeting moments which will one day be distant memories.

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2 thoughts on “Ready for Your Close-up Baby?

  1. Tanya, I’m right there with you. They definitely won’t be showing their college boyfriends and girlfriends their “baby albums” the way I did when I was younger. It would take hours just to get through the first month! They’re just too cute to resist!

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