Mommy’s Little Snow Angel


It’s that time of the year again: snow, snow and more snow! As a child, I loved the snow: building snowmen, going sledding, making snow angels, having snowball fights…you name it! While most adults complain about the snow and how much of a nuisance it can be, which I completely understand, I am truly looking forward to having fun with my little one in the snow. This past week, we got some snow, and my 20 month old just kept saying, “Snow, snow!” with a big smile on her face. We went outside the shovel the path, and she was eager to be my helper with a shovel that was taller than she is. Initially, she kept taking off her mittens, and I kept putting them back on to keep her hands warm, then it occurred to me that she had never touched snow before, and she probably just wanted the experience. Her little face lit up as she sifted the snow through her fingers yelling out, “Snow!” Though it was cold that day, It truly warmed my heart to know that my little snow angel still has so many more “first moments” to experience.

All the best,


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