Trying to Fit My Little Girl’s Shoes

2015-03-18 14.14.02My little girl loves putting on my shoes or her daddy’s shoes and parading around the house. The smile on her face suggests that she feels like a big girl and enjoys the idea of trying to fit into our shoes. If only I could put on her shoes from time to time: not literally but figuratively. I want to know the thought process of my 22 month old as she continues to develop new synapses and becomes her own person.  Quinn’s occasional frustration when she struggles to put on my shoes actually mirrors how I feel as I wish there was a way for me to put myself in her shoes and recall what I experienced when I was her age so that I can be more sensitive and patient as she experiences a vast array of emotions throughout the course of the day ranging from inquisitiveness, excitement, being distraught, playfulness, frustration, etc. I cannot even begin to imagine what is going through her mind as she goes through all of these new experiences while trying to figure out her surroundings and learn so much about them, not to mention her interactions with new people. I can barely fit my big toe into her shoe to get a glimpse into what she is experiencing, but she’s smart enough to put my shoes on with her slippers to ensure that the fit is snug enough so that they will not slip off. Though we all have our own shoes to fill, I am in awe that at one point I was where Quinn is now, and  one day she will be where I am.

All the best,


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