Who Wouldn’t Leap at the Chance to Read with Violet and Cookie Monster?

Quinn Using Violet Tag Junior

Quinn Using Leap Reader Junior

Even though my soon-to-be- two year old enjoys when her father or I read to her, she really loves feeling like she is reading to herself and controlling what she is reading. She loves flipping through the pages and has even begun to give her own interpretation or variation of the story. I’ve observed her doing this with the Very Hungry Caterpillar, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Five Little Monkeys by describing what she sees going on in each picture in the book.  When she was about fifteen months, I purchased her the Violet Leap Reader Junior (Scout, the boy dog is available too). Initially, she was more fascinated with Violet and carrying her around like a toy (She has Read with me Violet and just the dog Violet who can be customized to sing certain songs and include her likes and dislikes as well) and not using it to read along with stories, but lately, it has been one of her favorite activities. Quinn enjoys being able to select what aspect of the story she wants to read. For instance, she has the Sesame Street Numbers Book, which is recited by Cookie Monster, and she is quite discerning when it comes to which number she wants to read and hear about. I had some ambivalence when deciding if I should purchase this device for my daughter because I did not want it to take the place of me interacting with her and reading stories with her. On the contrary, I have found that it is a terrific way to allow her to exercise some independence, to see what she knows by asking her to point to certain objects using the Violet Leap Reader Junior and to see what her interests are as she looks through the stories, and I am able to still be fully engaged with her. This is one device I would certainly recommend to parents of young toddlers, and am sure Quinn would too! Here is a video below of Quinn using her Violet Tag Junior.

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