You “Go” Girl! Disguising Healthy Food for Toddlers

Quinn looking for Go! Bars

Quinn looking for Go! Bars

As it becomes more and more difficult to get my daughter to eat vegetables, I have become more and more grateful for healthy food options that have nutrients that are disguised as treats my little toddler will enjoy. While shopping at Walmart shortly after Quinn turned one (she will be two in a few weeks), I came across the Go bar made by Plum Organics. This bar actually contains veggies, less sugar than the typical granola bar and many other vitamins and nutrients. Though it is my preference that my growing toddler eat actual healthy veggies, sometimes it is an ongoing battle that seems like it will never end. As she eats her Go bar and says, “Mmmm good,” I smile to myself knowing that she is getting some of the nutrients she otherwise may refuse to consume. Of course, this is not an everyday snack, (Quinn loves pears and pineapples) but it is great when I am on the go and my little girl utters an emphatic “No!” to healthier options, and I can reach for the Go bar knowing she will willingly eat it. Are there any healthy treats in disguise that you give your toddler? Please share.

All the best,


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