A Happy Day for a Toddler and Her Daddy


Quinn and Her Daddy

Quinn and Her Daddy

 “My daddy’s gone!” is what my two year old daughter frantically exclaims whenever he leaves the room, goes to work or just is not in her presence. She just loves following him everywhere. That phrase, “My daddy’s gone” and the way Quinn says it, as though he is missing and possibly gone forever, makes me feel so grateful and blessed that she has such a strong bond with her father and loves spending time with him. It warms my heart to have her request  that we meet him at the train station when he gets off work in her Little Tikes car or trike. While today may be Father’s Day, Quinn already understands the significance of showing her daddy how much she loves him year round. Here’s to my awesome husband who is a wonderful father to our daughter and to all of the dads celebrating fatherhood on this special day. 

All the best,


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