Time for the Big Girl Table! My Little Girl is Growing up!

Quinn Enjoying Her Big Girl Table

                                Quinn Enjoying Her Big Girl Table

Alas, I knew this day would come. I even prepared for it by purchasing a Kid Kraft table with chairs that resembles my own dining room set as one of the gifts when my little girl turned two so that she feels like a big girl. While some children want to sit at the big table because their older siblings do or it is the way it is done at daycare, my little two year old is an only child who is not in day care, so she was content with sitting in her high chair until I introduced her very own table and chairs set. While sitting at the table may not seem like a big deal to her, outside of the joy she gets from looking out of the window, it is to me. My little girl is no longer a baby, and while I want the best for Quinn and am wiling to do what is necessary to promote her independence and development, part of me misses my baby. Though I now can get a couple of tasks done while she is eating, I actually miss making silly faces at her to get her to eat and assisting her with holding the spoon to get those sweet potatoes or mashed bananas into her mouth. Of course, it is wonderful that she now can feed herself and eagerly runs to her table for breakfast, lunch or dinner, but my little girl is growing up so fast leaving me wondering where the time went. Before I know it she’ll be moving from the “big girl” table to the actual dining room table. It’s amazing how one milestone is able to make me not only appreciate the time I have with my daughter but be excited with how well she is progressing into toddlerhood. Here’s to many more milestones to come!

All the best,


Quinn Sitting Across from the Dining Room Table

Quinn Sitting Across from the Dining Room Table

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