Park it Right There! My Toddler Rules the Playground!

Quinn Ready to Try Out the Play Are for Ages five through twelve

Quinn Checking Out the Ages Five through Twelve Play Area

A couple of weeks ago, I composed a few blog entries about what I’ve learned from my two year old daughter at the park regarding the bridge, sliding board and gymnastics swinging. However, there is major, yet obvious, lesson I learned from my daughter that I failed to mention. A couple of months ago, I located a nearby park that has playground equipment for children ages two through five. Interestingly though, Quinn was more excited to play on the playground equipment in the section for children ages five through twelve. At first, I tried to deter her and unsuccessfully tried to convince her to  play in the area that was designated for her age. After a little fussing from the both of us, I gave in and figured since I would be present and monitoring her that she would be safe and that if she experienced difficulty on the equipment for older children that she would eagerly play on the two to five year old side. She did just fine and loved going down the big slide.

Perhaps I have a little daredevil or a child who simply knows what she can handle when it comes to playground equipment. Maybe it’s the idea of her just wanting to be a “big girl.” Whatever it is, my little girl taught me that in life it is not always necessary to follow the guidelines or rules set forth. Of course, in this instance, the company that constructed the equipment had a target age group in mind and is just taking precautionary measures to prevent any tragic mishaps involving children under five. But the lesson I learned certainly applies in everyday life. Think about how many “guidelines” and “rules” that have been enforced in the past yet have set back an entire race, class or a gender. Imagine if no one ever challenged some of these “guidelines” and “rules.” While I am guilty of being an ultimate rule follower, my daughter having fun on playground equipment for children much older than she is has taught me to use common sense along with my instincts instead of just relying solely on the guidelines or rules. Thanks sweetheart!

All the best,


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