The Wheels on the Bus Go Round And Round: My Toddler’s First Bus Ride

Quinn on First Bus Ride

Quinn on First Bus Ride

“The wheels on the bus go round and round…round and round…round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round all through the town!” my little two year old sings with glee as she motions her hands to go round and round. This is one of the many songs we enjoy singing together, but it was not until last week when my mother told Quinn that she was going to take her on a bus ride that it occurred to me that Quinn hasn’t had this experience. While driving, walking and even jogging to places with Quinn has its benefits, most children like the idea of riding the train or the bus from time to time, and Quinn is no different. We live right near a train station and bus stop, so we often see them driving by, and Quinn will tell me, “See the bus Mommy!” and even starts singing the song on occasion. How could I have Quinn singing this song with such joy when she has never experienced the horn on the bus going “beep, beep beep” or the people on the bus going “up and down?” She was just so elated and repeatedly asked me when she was going on the bus all week. All of this made me feel guilty that in her two years of life she’s never been on a bus other than the stationary one at the Please Touch Museum. Granted, one of my pet peeves with buses is that there is no guarantee that there will be a place for her to sit, the bus is usually full of germs, and some people do not curb their foul language even in the presence of young children.  But I had this experience, and she should be able to have it too. We all want the best for our children and sometimes shield them in such a way that may deny them basic experiences. I am so glad that my mother stepped in and took Quinn on her first bus ride. She was so excited looking out of the window and didn’t want to get off the bus at their stop. Now, she can sing the song and relive the experience of her first bus ride again and again.

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