The Beginning of a Lifelong Friendship at Only Two Years Old

2015-09-19 13.50.47

Arya & Quinn waiting for the train

Everyone needs friends, even toddlers is the title of a blog entry I posted a few months ago which talked about how my two year old daughter already understands the basic concept of friendship and seeks it out from Grover, Violet, Elmo and a host of other dolls and stuffed animals as her companions. It is, however, essential to me that Quinn is able to develop friendships and socialize with actual children her own age. Since my little girl is not in day school and does not have any siblings, from the day she was born, I’ve found myself on the hunt for friendships, not necessarily for me but for her. As a child and even as an adult, I’ve struggled to make new friends as a result of being self-conscious and shy. So when I was able to connect with a dear friend who’s daughter is just a month younger than my daughter, we both have become hopeful that they will develop a special bond and be lifelong friends.

2013-11-17 15.32.06

Quinn at six months & Arya at five months

At the tender age of four months, Quinn met her three month old playmate, Arya. While there was not much interaction between them at that point, it has been amazing to simultaneously watch their journeys as they both individually reach milestones and collectively develop a meaningful friendship. They’ve went from being immersed in their own worlds to side by side play to calling out each other’s names, running after each other and greeting each other with big hugs and smiles on their faces. Yes, I am guilty of imagining the girls having sleepovers at five years old or even ten years old and swapping stories as they become older and maybe even hanging out as teenagers and young adults. Of course, there is no way of really knowing where their friendship will go, but I know the power of a childhood friendships. That bond becomes so special, and it is as though the person is more than just a friend but a close relative, and would love for my daughter to have that experience well into adulthood.

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