Thanks to My Toddler, Our Super Grover Pumpkin Won the Contest!

Quinn at the Pumpkin Contest with Super Grover

Quinn at the Pumpkin Contest with Super Grover

Last week, I posted entries all about the autumn fun my two year old daughter and I have been having. One of them was about painting and decorating our pumpkin we got from our pumpkin patch excursion to look like Super Grover from Sesame Street. Initially, we just did it as a fun activity and selected Grover as Quinn’s favorite character, but then, my college sent out an advertisement for a pumpkin decorating contest, so I thought it would be wonderful to enter our pumpkin and for Quinn to come up to the school to see the other pumpkins too. I was not sure what to expect, but there were some great pumpkins that certainly gave our Super Grover some competition: a gumboil machine, tin man and cowardly lion and even a pirate ship. Quinn eagerly pointed to all of the different pumpkins and was really fascinated by the one right next to ours which was a huge carved pumpkin that she referred to as the scary one winking at her. Though I was nervous about where would we place in the contest, Quinn was just happy to be there. Actually, we managed to get first place for funnest pumpkin and won a $50 gift card, which was a great surprise. It felt so nice to have our hard work acknowledged. I am already excited about what we may do next year and looking forward to this becoming a tradition for Quinn and me.

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