Snow Much Fun with My Little One

2016-01-23 16.42.51I hate snow! I’m not stepping one foot outside of my house! What’s there to love about snow? I have to get out there and shovel! These are some of the comments I’ve seen from people on social media, and I couldn’t disagree more. While I don’t necessarily like the short fuses many people have over parking spaces and getting stuck behind that person who is afraid and doesn’t know how to navigate in the snow, I do enjoy having fun with my daughter and the exercise that I can get out in the snow.

About a week and a half ago, we had some flurries, and my two and a half year old’s eyes widened as she excitedly asked if we could go sledding outside. She was so disappointed when I told her there just wasn’t enough snow, so yesterday when we got our first real snowfall, two feet of snow (maybe a little more), Quinn could not wait to go outside and use her sled for the first time.  We both put on our snow gear, headed outside with her little sled and we both had a blast. She had fun slipping and sliding and giggling, and I got a little exercise pulling her up and down the block.

Now, we both are looking forward to the snow stiffening up some so that we can build a snowman together. I’m hoping this can be one of our activities this week. I could easily join the masses of people who hate snow, but the love and excitement my daughter has makes that difficult to do. I am so thankful that she brings out the child in me and lets me have fun in the snow, even when I’m shoveling it.

All the best,


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