Terrific Toy Tuesday: Play Dough Crazy Cuts

When I was younger, I loved sculpting, molding and building what I believed were masterpieces out of play dough. I was consumed for hours, and my two and a half year old daughter is no different, so Santa brought her a new play dough set, “Crazy Cuts,” for Christmas.  Just about everyday she will ask, “Can I do some play dough hair cuts today with the barber chair, Mommy?”

What makes this set so great is that it helps with her dexterity and pincer skills because it comes with little plastic scissors, and plastic razor, hairstyle molds and little people to do the hairstyles with, and she has to turn the crank so that the little people can grow hair. It has even enhanced her vocabulary as she refers to the barber tools by name and will ask for specific colors to create her hair masterpieces.

One of the drawbacks is that when Quinn is ready to give one of the little people a “haircut,” little play dough pieces have a tendency of going everywhere, but I easily remedied this by putting a mat under her desk to catch any loose play dough “hairs.” Then we can collect them with minimal fuss. If you are looking for a fun toy not just for your child but maybe even from your own childhood memories, consider the play dough barber chair. It only cost Santa $11.99.


All the best,


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