Terrific Toy Tuesday: Tea for Two Anyone?

2016-01-08 13.24.17“May I have two spoons of sugar please?” I ask. “Yes, you may.” My little girl says as she uses her little spoon and scoops the imaginary sugar into my teacup. I just loved having tea parties when I was a little girl, and now I get to enjoy them with my little girl.  It’s such a wonderful way to not only interact with one another but to improve her vocabulary, ability to follow directions and expand her imagination. Initially, she would just ask if I wanted some tea. Now, she will say, “What would you like with your tea? Do you want a heart shaped cookie or a round cookie?”

This activity enables her to practice counting and decision-making skills too. She sets up her  Fisher Price Magical Tea for Two Set on her serving tray all by herself, and says, “It’s time for tea!” Since the set only comes with two cookies, when she is serving her father, me and herself tea, she’ll inform me, “You had a cookie last time, Mommy. Now, Daddy gets a cookie.”

When we have our tea parties, I sometimes feel like I am holding up a mirror as my two and a half year old utters statements she has heard me say  or way in which she says these statements to demonstrate her good manners. One time, she commented on my sugar intake telling me, “I don’t think you need anymore sugar, Mommy. You already had three spoons! How about some milk or cream instead?” I can tell that she likes being in control and asserting herself. What I like is that she does it in a playful and respectful way.

Here’s to more tea parties with my little girl!

All the best,


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