What Would We Do Without It Wednesday: Let’s Exercise With a Shake Break!

2016-02-15 11.27.40It’s a rainy day and too stormy to go outside and splash around in a few puddles with my little girl. We’ve played games, build towers with Legos and started doing some Easter decorating, but she’s still full of energy and says, “Can we have a shake break next, Mommy?” No, this is not a milkshake; it’s actually a fun, age-appropriate exercise video for young children that I found on Youtube.

“Pancake Manor” is the name of the organization that put together this video with characters who favor those from Sesame Street. Reggie and his friends get my two and a half year old dancing, singing and learning all at the same time, and her father and I can’t help but join in the fun. Since Quinn was just a couple of months old, we exercised together with “Happy Baby” workouts, and just last year around this time, I posted an entry about how much she enjoys going to The Little Gym. So it pleases me that she still looks forward to exercising and even says, “Exercising is fun, Mommy!”

If you want your child to enjoy exercising or just want him or her to burn off some energy while having fun, I highly suggest this video. What would we do without Pancake Manor for producing such a cool video and Youtube for making their videos accessible?

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