What Would We Do Without It Wednesday: All About the Freebies

Popcorn, cookies, lollipops, juice, water, the Mad Hatter, coloring activities, photo props and the Easter Bunny too: today, my daughter and I enjoyed attending the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at our local mall. This event was fantastic for my daughter but was totally awesome for me because it was all for free! That’s right, free! Anyone who is a parent or has cared for a child at one point or another knows that it can get quite expensive to provide children with the basic necessities, let alone special treats and outings from time to time.

When I was a little girl, I did not necessarily know the financial obstacles my mother, as a single parent, endured in raising me and my two siblings. One of the reasons may be that she would always find free or low-cost events and activities for us to attend, and I was not focused on the cost just the fun I was having. Though I am not a single parent and am doing okay financially, I still love finding a good bargain and saving money. It gives me such a good feeling knowing that I can put a smile on my daughter’s face and keep a little money in my pocket. What would we do without free events?

All the best,


PS. If you are in the Montgomery County, PA area, the Mad Hatter Tea Party will be taking place this Saturday, March 19th as well.

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